Romeo and Juliet Act I Review

Mutiny rebellion against authority
Piteous pathetic
In what city does this play take place? Verona
What does “If he be married,/My grave is like to be my wedding bed,” mean? Two people are born into separate families who hate each other, but will fall in love and commit suicide.
What does the term ‘star-cross’d lovers’ suggest? Their love was doomed from the start.
What does “Whose misadventur’d piteous overthrowsDoth, with their death, bury their parents’ strife.” mean? After the two lovers commit suicide, the feud between their families is ended.
Colliers a ship for carrying coal
Valiant brave
Pernicious hurtful
Adversary enemy
Tyrannous cruel
As Sampson and Gregory are discussing their hatred for the Montagues, what bawdy comment does Sampson make? What kind of ‘love’ is this an example of? Sampson says he will take the virginity of the Montague women. This is of indecent love.
Why do you suppose biting a thumb is offensive to the Capulets? It is just like flipping someone off.
During the fight between the Montagues and the Capulets, the Prince appears and he is very angry. What is the promise and threat he makes? He says the feud has disturbed peace and he next person to cause this disturbance again shall be killed.
Benvolio and Montague describe the way Romeo has been acting. What do they have to say about him? He has been trying to be alone and be in private, dark places.
Why is Romeo so depressed? He loves Rosaline, but she does not love him back.
What advice does Benvolio give Romeo? He tells him to find a new girl and forget Rosaline.
Heretics people whose opinions are different from those of Christains
Why does Capulet think it will be easy for Montague and him to keep the peace? Their punishment would be death and they are already old.
After speaking briefly, Paris gets to the point of his visit to the Capulets. What does he ask of Lord Capulet? What is Capulet’s response? Paris asks to marry his daughter, but Capulet says she is too young; however, in two years he should try again.
Paris responds that girls younger than she have been married. What is Capulet’s response to this? What suggestion and invitation does Capulet make to Paris? He says he won’t force her to marry, but if he wins her heart he can marry her.
While Benvolio is trying to convince Romeo to find other women in order to overcome his heartache over Rosaline, what suggestion does he make? Why? He suggests that he go to the party to meet other girls who make Rosaline seem ugly.
Dug the nipple of a female mammal
Tetchy irritable
Perilous dangerous
How old is Juliet? Juliet is almost 14.
When Lady Capulet asks Juliet how she feels about marriage, what is Juliet’s answer? She says she hasn’t even thought of marriage yet, but she says it is an honor.
Following Juliet’s answer, what does Lady Capulet then tell Juliet? She says to keep an eye on Paris to see if she would like to marry him because women her age are already mothers.
Lath wood
Wantons tomboys
Benefice appointment at church
Why does Romeo say he is unable to dance? He says his heart is heavy from sadness and it weighs him down from dancing.
How do the Montagues expect to be able to enter a Capulet house? The party is a masked ball, so they will not be easily recognized.
Romeo is apprehensive about going to the masquerade because of the dream he had the night before. Romeo seems to believe (as did many in Shakespeare’s day) that dreams have something to do with life. Perhaps Romeo believes dreams act as omens. What is Mercutio’s opinion of dreams? What does Mercutio’s speech reveal about his character? Mercutio believes dreams signify nothing and reflect a great deal of superstitious nonsense: “I talk of dreams;/Which are the children of an idle brain,/Begot of nothing but vain fantasy,…” His speech shows how he has the tendency to babble and ramble on. He seems very showy and prone to exaggerate.
What is Romeo’s misgiving, and what does the line “some consequence, yet hanging in the stars” have to do with his feeling of dread? Discuss the theme this quote illustrates. Romeo believes that going to this party will initiate a chain of events (destiny “hanging in the stars”) that may end in his untimely death. The theme of Fate having complete control is illustrated by Romeo’s comment. All his faith sits among the stars.
Nuptial wedding ceremony
Scathe hurt
Perforce is a requirement; is essential
Choler anger
Prodigious threatening
Gall disgust
What does Romeo think of Juliet the first time he sees her? He thinks she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.
How does Tybalt recognize Romeo? What does he vow to do? Tybalt is able to recognize Romeo’s voice, as an enemy, and vows to kill the Montague behind the mask.
When Tybalt is ready to seize Romeo and throw him out of the party, what does Capulet say to Tybalt? Lord Capulet informs Tybalt of Romeo’s reputation, saying that the people of Verona brag about how dignified and honorable Romeo has become. Lord Capulet vows to not show Romeo any disrespect. Capulet continues advising Tybalt to ignore Romeo and have a good time at the party: “…Show a fair presence and put off these frowns…”
Explain what the conversation is between Romeo and Juliet. They are flirting with each other using religious language. He is referring to her as a holy shrine that he, as a pilgrim, has to approach in a certain way because she is ‘holy’. A pilgrimage is a journey that people of religious conviction take to holy sites (i.e. Muslims going to Mecca – a city in Saudi Arabia – because it is where Muhammad was born and he proclaimed it a holy city). She flirts back with him saying the saints use their lips for prayer and do not initiate action. He says he will then ‘pray’ (kiss her). She says he kisses by the book – like a expert as if he studied how to kiss correctly.
During their conversation, Romeo ends up kissing Juliet twice before the Nurse comes to tell Juliet that her mother requests her. Romeo and his friends leave. How does the audience know that Juliet feels as strongly about Romeo as he does for her? Juliet welcomes Romeo’s kisses, twice. Then, as Romeo is leaving, Juliet sends her Nurse to find out who he is. The audience knows how deeply Juliet feels because she states to her Nurse, “If he be married,/My grave is like to be my wedding bed.”
How does Romeo find out Juliet’s last name? The Nurse says Juliet’s mother is the lady of the house.
How does Juliet find out Romeo’s last name? Juliet sends her Nurse to find out who he is.
How do they each react to finding out they are from feuding families? They are both devastated.

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