Romeo and Juliet Act I and II

Where was Shakespeare born Stratford upon avon
When was Shakespeare born 1564
What kind of school did Shakespeare go to Grammar school
Who was Shakespeare’s wife Anne Hathaway
Who did Shakespeare first perform with Lord Chamberlain’s men
What were the people called that sponsored the groups of actors Patrons
When was Romeo and Juliet written 1595
What was Shakespeare’s Theater called The Globe Theatre
When did Shakespeare die 1616
What is a sonnet 14 lines of iambic pentameter
What is iambic pentameter 10 syllables ABABCDCDEFEFGG
What is the pattern of a Shakespearean sonnet abab cdcd efef gg 3 quatrains and a rhyming couplet
Who is the main character of a Shakespearean tragedy A person of nobility called the tragic hero has a tragic flaw that eventually leads to his or her death
What makes Shakespeare so great The beauty of his poetic language and his understanding of human nature
What is the setting of Romeo and Juliet Verona Italy in the early 14th century
What is personification When something that’s not a person acts like the person
What is a mythical allusion A reference in literature to a myth
What is a oxymoron A set of opposites
What is a foil A character that is placed next to another character to emphasize their differences
What are three types of dramatic conventions Aside soliloquy concealment
Aside Allows a character to speak to the audience without being heard by the other characters
Soliloquy Allows a character’s thoughts to be heard by the audience while being hidden from the other characters
Concealment Allows a character to be seen by the audience but being hidden from other characters
What characters recite the prologue The chorus
Where is the play set Verona Italy
How does the prologue summarize the play It tells about the family feud and about how romeo and Juliet fall in love and then die
How does the fight begin and with whom Gregory and Sampson wanted to fight abram and Balthazar
In the opening scene what literary term applies to the use of the words colliers, choler and collar puns
What trait and quotation characterizes benvolio I do but keep the peace
What trait and quotation characterizes tybalt Peace I hate the word
According to the prince how many times has this feud disturbed the streets of Verona write a line that gives this information Three times three civil brawls
What does the prince say will be the consequence if another fight breaks out in the street People will be put to death
Was Romeo involved in the fight No
Why is Lord Montague concerned about Romeo He’s depressed and he stays in his room all the time
Give examples of oxymoron from Romeo speech about love Loving hate feather of lead bright smoke cold fire sick health
Why does he use oxymorons to describe love Because love is confusing
What is one mystical illusion from this scene Cupids arrow
What is benvolios advice to Romeo He should stop thinking about Rosaline
What heroic couplet ends this scene Where I may read who passed that passing fair farewell thou cannot teach me to forget
Why has Paris come to see Capulet To ask to Marry Juliet
How old is Juliet 13
What is Capulets answer to Paris He could marry her in 2 years
What does Capulet tell Paris to do in the meantime Try and woo Juliet
How does Romeo learn about the Capulet feast This servant cannot read and he asked Romeo to read The list of people going to the feast
Explain Benvolio’s advice to Romeo at the end of scene two To go to the feast and meet women to get over rosaline
How does the nurse show that she is impressed with paris She says he’s like a man of wax and says he’s like a flower
What does Juliet promise her mother She’ll look like if looking liking move
What does Juliet say will determine how vigorously she tries to fall in love with paris If its love at first sight
Analyze the book metaphor used by Lady Capulet She compares Paris to the book
Give two sets of characters that are foils at each other Tybalt and Benvolio mercutio and the nurse
Who is Queen Mab and who tells the story about her She’s a fairy who lands on people’s noses mercutio
Find Romeo’s lines that foreshadow his death how do they to superstition how do they portray Christian faith He predicted his death about going to the party
How does Capulet first react to the presence of the Maskers He doesn’t care he just wants everyone to have fun
write 2 phrases that Romeo uses to first describe Juliets beauty As a rich jewel in a ethiops ear and a snowy Dove Trooping with crows
Who recognizes Romeo and how tybalt he recognizes his voice
What does Capulet suggest Tybalt do and why Leave him alone because he is harmless
Describe Romeo’s reputation what do you think of Capulet attitude towards him He’s virtuous and a well governed youth he’s very nice about it but still keeps an eye on him
When Romeo and Juliet first meet they speak to each other in religious terms why do they speak like this They call each other a saint and a pilgrim Shakespeare is showing true love so he speaks in religious terms
How does Romeo learn who Juliet is what is his response He asked who her mother was he gets scared and leaves but not before kissing her
What does Juliet say when she finds out that Romeo is a Montague She says her only Love sprung from her only hate
Explain how terrible is a foil for Capulet in scene five tybalt wanted to throw romeo out and capulet let him stay
Those Romeo and Juliet have been charmed by Looks
List two difficulties that these lovers face They can’t see each other because Juliet can’t go in the streets and Romeo can’t come to her house
What will help Romeo and Juliet overcome their problems Passion and time
where has Romeo gone The Capulet orchard
What are Benvolio and Mercutio joking about His love for Rosaline
What do we know that they do not know and what is this term for this He loves Juliet now dramatic irony
Write a line that is Romeo’s response to the choking of his friends what does he mean He jests at scars that never felt a woundRosaline is just a little scar and Juliet is a deep wound the term metaphor applies to this
Shakespeare uses images of light and brightness when Romeo describes Juliet list three of them Juliet is the sun her eyes are like stars the brightness of her cheeks would shame stars
Juliet says that Romeo is not her enemy only his _ is her enemy write the famous lines that she uses name that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet
Why is Juliet worried about Romeo how does he respond to this If he gets caught in the orchard he will be killed Romeo says love will protect him
Julia says that her behavior has been immodest what does she mean She was embarrassed because she was talking about Romeo and she wanted to play hard to get
What does Juliet fear about their love and why it’s too rash and unadvised
Why will Juliet send a messenger to Romeo the next day To see if Romeo wants to marry her where and when
What just happened how long is a known each other She asked him to marry her like an hour
Explain the imagery of the wantons bird She doesn’t want him to leave and she has him on a short leash
Who is the ghostly father Friar Lawrence
Explain friar Lawrences soliloquy what does he say about plants and people A plant can be good and bad depending on how its used just like people
Friar Lawrence disapproves of Romeo’s behavior why does he scold Romeo He scolds him for being too fickle
What metaphor does Romeo first use to explain to friar Lawrence what has happened to him I have been feasting with my enemy that’s by me wounded
Where does friar Lawrence say Young men’s love reside what leads him to reach this conclusion In their eyes because Romeo switched from Rosaline to Juliet very quickly
Why does friar Lawrence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet It might be what was needed to end the feud between families
How does friar Lawrence warn Romeo about haste Wisely and slow they stumble that runs fast
What kind of poetry is used in scene three Rhyming couplet
What has Tybalt sent to Romeo A challenge
What are the wedding plans The afternoon at friar Lawrence’s cell
What is Romeo’s servant going to give to the nurse A rope ladder to get to Juliets room
The nurse puts off answering Juliet’s question about the marriage plans with excuses what are several of them She said she was hurting
What does Romeo say about death in scene 6 what literary elements applies to this description He says it’s love devouring personification and foreshadowing
Paraphrase friar Lawrence’s advice or warning They’re love might be over in a flash and have a violent ending
Find a heroic couplet in seen six why do you think Shakespeare uses a couplet here For by your leaves you shall not stay alone till holy Church incorporate two in one

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