Romeo and Juliet Act I

Summarize the Prologue’s message. Two lovers from opposing families kill themselves. This story takes place in Verona. The families are of the same social class. The fight is like a war and it causes violence. Citizens have been murdered. The death of the two lovers causes the families to end their feud.
Identify the character traits of both Sampson and Gregory in this scene. They are very boastful and immature.
What does their conversation reveal about the capulets and Montagues? The Capulets and Montagues fight each other constantly. There’s lots of hostility.
What legal question does Sampson ask Gregory in this exchange? Sampson asks Gregory if he “bites his thumb” and insults the other servants is it against the law.
What does Benvolio try to do when he enters the action? Benvolio tries to stop the fight.
Which contrasting personality traits do Benvolio and Tybalt reveal in their brief conversation? Benvolio is very restrained and level-headed. Tybalt is very violent and vindictive.
Whom does Tybalt fight? Tybalt fights Benvolio.
Distinguish the behavior of Lord Montague and Capulet from the behavior of their wives. The husbands want to fight; the wives think they’re being stupid.
How does the Prince respond to the the fight between Benvolio and Tybalt? The Prince says that if there’s any other fight the participants will be put to death.
Once the Prince departs, what basic information is exchanges between Benvolio and Lady Montague? Benvolio tells Lady Montague that Romeo is depressed.
What can we infer about Benvolio based on his interaction with Romeo’s mother? Benvolio is very polite and sensitive.
What do Romeo’s words reveal about his personality? Romeo is very whiny and indecisive. He reminds me of the bachelor.
What reason for his sadness does Romeo give Benvolio? Romeo is in love with a girl who does not love him back. Rosaline wants to be a nun.
What comparison does Romeo make in his short speech about love? Romeo compares being in love to being a sick and dying man.
Describe the contrasting attitudes between Romeo and Benvolio. Benvolio tells Romeo to go out and find someone else. Romeo sees no alternative and he will always love Rosaline.
in the beginning of Scene ii, what is Count Paris trying to get Capulet to agree to? Paris is trying to get Capulet to agree to let him marry Juliet
Summarize Lord Capulet’s objections to this marriage. Lord Capulet feels that Juliet is too young and he wants her to have a choice
What does Capulet tell Paris he he wishes for his daughter? Capulet wants his daughter to be happy.
Why does the unnamed servant enter the scene? The servant exists to get Romeo to the party
Is the servant a round or flat character? Why? The servant is a flat character because he does nothing but deliver a letter.
What new information does Benvolio reveal about Romeo’s love in the speech? Romeo’s Rosaline will be at the feast.
Ultimately what does Romeo agree to do with Benvolio? Romeo agrees to go to the feast with Benvolio and meet some ladies.
Why is this idea very risky? They could be killed if the Capulets find out they’re there.
What type of relationship do you think Juliet has with the Nurse? Juliet is very close with the Nurse and sees her as her mother.
Who is Susan? Susan is the Nurse’s daughter. She and Juliet are the same age but Susan died.
How does this new information help you understand the Nurse’s devotion to Juliet? The Nurse missed Susan so much that she devoted herself to Juliet.
What character traits does Nurse reveal in her speech? Nurse is long-winded and she has a dirty sense of humor.
Why has Lady Capulet come to talk to Juliet? Lady Capulet came to talk to Juliet about a marriage to Paris.
In what ways does the Nurse’s character contrast with those of Lady Capulet? Lady Capulet is very reserved; Nurse is more open and caring.
Recall Lord Capulet’s dialogue with Paris. Compare his ideas about marriage with his wife’s. Lady Capulet is all for the marriage, she sees it as a business deal. Lord Capulet does not-he wants to take things slow.
Where is the group as Scene iv opens? The group is near Mercutio’s home
What reason does Romeo give for not wanting to go to the feast? Romeo is still depressed over Rosaline. He’s too sad to have fun.
What advice about love does Mercutio give to Romeo? Mercutio tells Romeo not to worry about love.
In what way is Mercutio a foil for the sulky Romeo? Mercutio is not very romantic and likes to joke around. Romeo is very serious.
What prompts Mercutio to talk about Queen Mab? Romeo mentions dreams and nightmares. Queen Mab is the small fairy creature who causes dreams.
Which character traits does Mercutio reveal in his Queen Mab speech? Mercutio likes to ramble. He’s very creative, but crazy.
What does Romeo mean when he tells Marcutio that he “talk’st of nothing”? Romeo tells Mercutio that he says a lot of words, but he doesn’t say much of meaning. He’s also calling Mercutio’s dream speech nonsense.
What does Romeo fear might happen in the future? How about Benvolio? Romeo’s scared he’s going to die Benvolio is scared he’s going to miss the feast.
Shortly after Romeo and company arrive at the Feast, Romeo asks many rhetorical questions about love. What does he mean, and who is he referring to? Romeo is referring to Juliet, and only now is he experiencing true love.
What do the above rhetorical questions show us about Romeo’s personality? Romeo is very fickle and impulsive.
Describe Romeo and Juliet’s fist meeting? Romeo and Juliet’s first meeting was very intimate and flirtatious.
How does Tybalt know Romeo is at the Feast? How does he feel about it? Tybalt recognizes Romeo’s voice; he is furious.
How does Lord Capulet respond when Tybalt says he will not tolerate Romeo’s presence at the party? Lord Capulet tells Tybalt to leave Romeo alone.
Why do you think Capulet responds this way? Capulet doesn’t want to embarrass his guests and he heard that Romeo was a nice boy. He took the Prince’s threats seriously.
Why is the Nurse’s speech so disturbing to Romeo? The Nurse reveals that Juliet is a Capulet to Romeo.
What does Juliet what to know about Romeo after he leaves the Feast? Juliet wants to know who Romeo is and if he’s married.
How are Juliet’s lines similar to Romeo’s? Juliet is disgusted that she had a crush on her family’s enemy.
What threats to Romeo and Juliet’s love already exist in Act I? 1. The family feud still exists2. Paris still wants to marry Juliet 3. Tybalt wants to fight Romeo.

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