Romeo and Juliet Act and Scene

Act 1 Scene 1 -The Capulet and The Montague’s start a fight-Prince comes and intervenes-Romeo’s parents are worried about Romeo’s behaviour-Romeo tells Benvolio about his love for Rosaline
Act 1 Scene 2 -Paris is eager to marry Juliet-Old Capulet invites him to meet Juliet at the family ball-Servant cannot read the invitation and asks Romeo and Benvolio-Benvolio gets an idea
Act 1 Scene 3 -Lady Capulet tells Juliet and her nurse about Paris’s marriage proposal
Act 1 Scene 4 -Benvolio persuades Romeo to join them to the Capulet’s ball-Romeo goes just to see Rosaline
Act 1 Scene 5 -Romeo spots Juliet and instantly falls in love with her-Romeo forgets about Rosaline and moves on to Juliet-Tybalt recognizes Romeo and wants to start a fight-Old Capulet stops him because he doesn’t want any disturbance at his ball-Juliet and Romeo meets-When everyone is leaving, Juliet asks the nurse who this unknown man is
Act 2 Scene 1 -Romeo hides from his friends, whom jokes about his love for Rosaline
Act 2 Scene 2 -Juliet sighs out her new love, unaware that Romeo is listening-When he reveals, they arrange for Juliet’s Nurse to act as their go-inbetween -Wants to get married
Act 2 Scene 3 -Friar Lawrence is persuaded to marry Romeo and Juliet-Only for the fact that this might bring the Capulet and Montague together
Act 2 Scene 4 -Benvolio and Mercutio discusses Tybalt’s challenge-Romeo joins in with laughter-The nurse comes to see Romeo
Act 2 Scene 5 The nurse informs Juliet that Romeo has arranged the wedding
Act 2 Scene 6 -Romeo and Juliet are married by Friar Lawrence
Act 3 Scene 1 -Mercutio, outraged when Romeo refuses Tybalt’s challenge, draws his own sword, and in the fighting that follows both Tybalt and Mercutio killed-Romeo flees from the situation as he did kill Tybalt after Tybalt killed Mercutio and was banished from Verona
Act 3 Scene 2 -Juliet is eagerly waiting for her husband, but the nurse brings bad news-This is the climax of the play
Act 3 Scene 3 -Friar tries to console Romeo and find a solution for the problem
Act 3 Scene 4 -Juliet’s father makes plans for her to marry Paris
Act 3 Scene 5 -It is already dawn, and Romeo must leave Juliet -After a night together, they must be separated-Their parting is interrupted by the Nurse who gives warning that Juliet’s mother is looking for her-Lady Capulet brings news of the arranged marriage-Controversy between Capulets and Juliet
Act 4 Scene 1 -Friar has a plan to save Juliet -Friar explains plan
Act 4 Scene 2 -The Capulets are preparing for the wedding, Juliet assures her father that she will obey him-But the wedding day is changed to Wednesday
Act 4 Scene 3 -Although she is frightened, Juliet takes the drug Friar gave her-Juliet begins to list things that could go wrong (suffocate, go crazy and have to bash her brains out, Romeo won’t come, not be buried in the Capulet family tomb, ghosts etc,.)
Act 4 Scene 4 -The Capulet household prepares for the wedding, and the Nurse goes to wake up Juliet-Nurse goes on speech of sadness and shock.
Act 4 Scene 5 -Juliet cannot be woken-The whole family join together to lament-Capulet starts to give speeches (comparing Juliet to flower).
Act 5 Scene 1 -In Mantua, Balthasar tells Romeo about Juliet’s death
Act 5 Scene 2 -Friar learns that Romeo didn’t receive the letter and hurried to the Capulet’s vault
Act 5 Scene 3 -Paris, praying at Juliet’s tomb, encounters Romeo-They fight and Paris is killed-Romeo swallows poison that he got from the Apothecary and Friar was too late-Juliet sees the body and kills herself with Romeo’s dagger-Friar explains everything

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