“Romeo and Juliet – Act 5” Vocabulary

abhor VerbSynonyms: hate, despise, loathe”He _____red going to baseball games with his son – he tried to think of any excuse possible in order to avoid having to go to them.”
amorous AdjectiveDefinition: having strong feelings of love, or strong sexual desires”After a while, he started to feel strong feelings towards her, but he had to be careful – showing that he was _______ towards his co-worker would be embarrassing if she noticed.”
conspire VerbDefinition: to plot a harmful action with others”The two friends ________d for weeks, discussing over the phone and by email whenever they got the chance, to pull a diabolical prank on the school’s principal.”
devise VerbSynonyms: create, define, plan out”The two friends put a lot of effort into _____ing the prank, by planning out every detail and making it as fool-proof as possible.”
dispose VerbSynonyms: get rid, discard”However, after remembering what had happened to the last people who pulled a prank on the principal, they ended up ______ing of the plan, not wanting to risk getting in trouble.”
felon NounDefinition: somebody who has been convicted of a crime; somebody who committed a serious offense”Besides, the prank was so evil, that doing it would make them infamously known as _____s instead of pranksters.”
inter VerbDefinition: to bury somebody or something in the ground”Some people insist on being buried in a mausoleum – the notion of being _____red to stay in a box in the ground for eternity gives them goosebumps.”
paramour NounDefinition: a lover (esp. clandestine) to whom one is not married”He often made excuses to his wife about why he was leaving the house – he was going to meet with his ________ – his wife would not be happy if she found out he had a second love.”
sepulcher NounDefinition: a burial vault or a tomb in which one is buried”One’s life is never meaningless – from the womb to the _________ where he will lay for eternity, he will always be making a difference on this planet.”
tedious AdjectiveSynonyms: boring, dull, slow, tiresome”During his prison sentence, he was forced to do work for the community for free – this involved long, _______ hours that felt like months, picking up trash in the sweltering sun.”
unsavory AdjectiveSynonyms: unpleasant, offensive”In politics, instead of politicians saying good things about themselves, they will come up with all sorts of ________ things to say about their opponents.”
thwart VerbDefinition: prevent or slow down the execution of a plan of”He wanted to sneak out an night to meet his friends, but that plan was ______ed by his loud alarm, which he forgot to turn off.”
rigor NounSynonyms: difficulty, toughness, strictness, harshness, rigorousness”He realized that taking all honors classes made his year a very _____ous one – he had to study every day for some test, with absolutely no free time whatsoever.”

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