Romeo and Juliet act 5 vocab

Abhorred Look at with horror
Ambiguities Things with 2 or more meanings
Amorous In love
Apothecary A person who sells drugs
Conspires Planing something
Culling Selecting
Direful Frightful
Discern To see clearly
Discords Conflicts
Enmity Hostility
Disperse To scatter
Gorged Eaten greedily
Interred Buried
Paramour A lover
Penury Poverty
Persue To read/study
Restorative Something that brings back life
Sepilcher A tomb
Tedious Tiresome
Unsavory Offensive
Presage Fortell
Office Duty
Caitiff Miserable
Obsequies Funeral rites
Maw Stomach
Ensign Flag
Sunder Cut off
Inauspicious Unlucky
Conduct Guide
Descry Understand
Impeach Accuse
Purge Clear of guilt
Scourge Banishment
Brace A pair
Jointure Wedding gift

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