Romeo and Juliet Act 5 questions

In Act V, Scene i, what news causes Romeo to exclaim, “Then I defy you, stars”? He learns that Juliet is dead. Here, Romeo is challenging fate, asserting that nothing can keep him from Juliet- not even death.
How are Romeo’s words consistent with what you know of his character. This is consistent with his rash impulsive, dramatic character.
Identify at least three events that cause the Friar’s scheme to fail. The events include: Friar John does not deliver the plan to Romeo; the Capulets push up the date for Juliet’s wedding; Romeo arrives at the tomb before the Friar; Juliet wakes up too late.
Why is it not surprising that the scheme fails? The Friar’s plan relies too much on perfect communication and timing.
How do Romeo and Juliet die? Believing Juliet dead, Romeo takes poison, Juliet, finding Romeo dead, stabs herself with his dagger.
How is chance to blame for the lovers’ death? There are unlucky encounters, missed messages, misunderstandings and a too-late awakening.
How are Romeo and Juliet’s parents to blame for the lovers’ death? They are stubborn and unforgiving.
How are Romeo and Juliet to blame for their own deaths? They are rash and impulsive.
How would events would have turned out if the apothecary had refused to sell the poison to Romeo? If the apothecary had not sold the poison to Romeo, he probably would have found another way to kill himself.
What other unique actions in the chain of events, if avoided, could have changed the play’s outcome? Friar John’s failure to deliver the plan, Paris’s visit to the tomb, Friar Lawrence left Juliet alone in the tomb.
How does the relationship of the feuding families change at the end of the play? The fathers shake hands and each promises to build a monument in memory of the other man’s child.
Were Romeo and Juliet’s deaths necessary for the feud to end? Many people think the deaths of the children were the only thing meaningful enough to stop such a long-standing feud.
In what ways does Shakespeare’s play provide a valuable lesson about the destructive effects of hatred? The play show that hate can lead to misunderstandings and unnecessary violence.
What is a tragedy? A drama in which a central character of noble rank meets with disaster or overwhelming misfortune.
What is a character’s motive? The reason an individual thinks and acts in a certain way.
What theme or message does Shakespeare attempt to convey through the tragic events in the plays? Shakespeare appears to be making a statement about the loyalty of the lovers in contrast to the ill-advised feud between their families. He is saying that old anger can destroy new love.
What is the Friar’s motive for helping Romeo and Juliet? The Friar wants to end the feud between the two families.
What positive message about the human spirit does Shakespeare convey through the play? Young and true love can spring from old hate. Youth has the hope optimism to make good things grow from a bad past.
Why does the Friar’s plan fail? It is too elaborate and time-sensitive.
What is the Nurse’s motive for defying the wishes of the Capulets? She is moved by Juliet’s grief; she is also fickle and impulsive in nature.
What are the fathers’motives for building monuments to their children at the end of the play? The fathers want people to know that Romeo and Juliet were true and faithful to each other, and that they honor that love by calling a truce.

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