Romeo and Juliet Act 5 events in order

1 Romeo waits for his servant to send him a letter
2 Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet was laid int he Capulet’s tomb
3 Romeo bribes Apothecary
4 Apothecary gives Romeo poison
5 Friar John Returns to Friar Lawrence
6 John tells Lawrence that the letter never got delivered
7 Lawrence tells John to get crowbar; John leaves
8 Lawrence plans to visit Juliet
9 Paris and Page enter Capulet’s tomb
10 Page leaves and Paris sprinkles the tomb with flowers
11 Page whistles; Paris Hides
12 Romeo and Balthasar enter
13 Romeo gives Balthasar money and Balthasar hides
14 Paris comes forward and speaks to Romeo
15 Romeo and Paris fight
16 Page runs off to find Watchmen
17 Paris dies; Romeo lays Paris in tomb; Romeo’s soliloquy
18 Romeo drinks poison and falls on Juliet
19 Friar Lawrence comes to tomb and finds Balthasar
20 Juliet wakes
21 Friar L flees; Juliet stabs herself
22 Capulets and Montegue question Friar L then Balthasar
23 Friar L and Balthasar explain; Capulets and Montegue make peace

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