Romeo and Juliet – Act 5

Scene 1 opens with Romeo recalling a dream that he had. What was it? Juliet found him dead, kissed him, and he became an emperor
How did Balthasar find out Juliet died? He saw her burried in the Capulet tomb
Romeo is thunderstruck. Balthasar says “Your looks are pale and wild, and do import some misadventure.” What is he saying? He looks like he is going to hurt himself
Why does the hesitate to sell Romeo poison? Its against the law and punishable by death
What is Romeo’s plan? To go to Juliet’s grave and kill himself
Romeo compares the poison to gold. What does he say about the two? Money is more poison than the poison he was sold
Why was Friar John unable to deliver Romeo’s letter? He was visiting black plague victims and was quarantined in the house
What is Friar Lawrence’s new plan? He will open Juliet’s tomb, keep her with him in his cell, and write again to Romeo in Mantua
What ritual does Paris promise to uphold each night? To spread flowers over her bridal and water the flowers each night in his tears
Paris hides. Romeo and Balthasar arrive. What reason does Romeo give Balthasar for being there? What does he threaten to do if he comes back? He tells him he is there partly to see her face but mostly to take her ring. If he comes back, he threatens to tear him apart limb by limb and feed him to the graveyard creatures.
Paris thinks Romeo is at the tomb to do what? Defile Juliet’s body
Romeo tries to convince Paris to leave. Why? He doesn’t want to commit another crime
What happens next? Romeo and Paris fight. Romeo kills Paris
Romeo looks at Juliet in the Capulet tomb and remarks “And death’s pale flag is not advanced there.” What does it mean? Juliet isn’t pale and looks alive (pink lips/cheeks)
Why won’t Balthasar enter the tomb with Friar Lawrence? Romeo threatened to tear him apart limb by limb and feed him to the graveyard creatures if he did
What does Friar Lawrence encounter when he enters Capulet tomb? Bloody and abandoned swords, Romeo and Paris dead, and Juliet awakening
Juliet tries and then succeeds to kill herself. Describe both. She tries to kiss his lips to get the poison to kill her, but there isn’t enough poison. She then stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger and dies
Friar Lawrence is under suspicion of murder. The prince says “Then say at once what thou dost know in this.” What does he say? He tells Friar Lawrence to tell them everything he knows about the happenings
What confirms Friar Lawrence’s account? Balthasar told his story and showed the prince Romeo’s letter
The prince scolds both families. He says “Everyone is punished.” What does he mean? Everyone has lost loved onesCapulet- Juliet,TybaltMontague- Mercutio, RomeoPrince- Paris, Mercutio
How does Romeo and Juliet end? The Montagues make a golden statue of Juliet and the Capulets make a golden statue of Romeo. The feud is ended

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