Romeo and Juliet act 4 vocab. and sentences

inundate to overwhelm with somethingNow, sir, her father counts it dangerous that she do give her sorrow so much sway , and in his wisdom hastes your marriage to stop _____ of tears, which, too much minded by herself alone, may beput from her by society.
shroud cloth used to wrap a body for burialor bid me go into a new-made grave and hide me with a dead man in his _____ things that, to hear him told, have made me tremble-and i will do it without fear or doubt, to live an unstained wife to my sweet love.
resolve firmness of purpose, determinationGet you gone, be strong and prosperous in this _____.
kindred same kindThen, as the manner of our country is, in thy best robes uncovered on the bier thou shalt be home to that same ancient vault where all the ____ of the Capulets lie.

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