Romeo and Juliet Act 4 Stringfellow

On what day are Paris and Juliet originally scheduled to marry? Thursday
What does Friar Laurence reveal that makes him hesitant to perform the wedding? He doesn’t like the fact that Paris doesn’t know how Juliet feels about the wedding
According to Paris, how is Juliet reacting to Tybalt’s death? She is weeping so much that she has no time for Paris to talk to her about love
How is Juliet’s reaction to Tybalt’s death prompting her father to make the decision that she should marry Paris as soon as possible? Her father thinks that the marriage will ease her pain and weeping so the worse she reacts, the sooner he’ll want the wedding
After Paris leaves, how desperate is Juliet? She is so desperate that she will do anything to get out of the marriage
When Friar Laurence tells Juliet that he sees or “spies” a solution, what things does she say she would do to avoid marrying Paris? She says she would jump off of a tower, lurk with snakes…
Friar Laurence gives Juliet a vial or small bottle of sleeping potion. What are the effects of this liquid? Be specific. She will barely have a pulse or breath, she’ll be cold, her lips and cheeks will be pale, and her limbs will be stiff
How long will Juliet sleep? 42 hours
What does the servingman mean when he says that he will hire no cook “that cannot lick his fingers”? If a cook doesn’t lick his fingers, that means his food is not good
When Juliet enters, why does her father refer to her as “my headstrong”? Because she has been stubborn about marrying Paris
According to Juliet, what has Friar Laurence ordered or “enjoined” her to do? To beg for forgiveness from her father
How does Capulet respond to Juliet after she begs him wants to go through with the marriage? He changes the date of the wedding from Thursday to Wednesday
What is the dramatic and situational irony when Juliet asks the Nurse to help her find things to wear for the wedding? The audience knows that Juliet is not going to get married, but she still asks for help. Juliet is expected to marry Paris but she will not.
What is causing Lady Capulet great concern about the wedding plans? They are not prepared although the wedding is coming closer
What does Lord Capulet mean when he says, “I’ll play the housewife for this once”? He’ll finish setting up the wedding because Lady Capulet should help Juliet get ready
When Juliet talks to the Nurse, what are her reasons for wanting to be alone? She wants to pray for forgiveness and her sins, which are marrying Paris while married to Romeo
How many times does Juliet use “if”? 5
What are the reasons for each “if” Juliet says? “What if the mixture doesn’t work at all? What if Friar put poison in it? What if I wake up and suffocate? What if i wake up and I am surrounded by the death of my ancestors/family and darkness? What if I wake up and turn mad/go crazy?”
What two apostrophes does Juliet use at the end of her soliloquy? She tells Tybalt to stay, and tells Romeo she is drinking the potion for him
What is the Nurse’s first name? Angelica
Why does the Nurse tell Lord Capulet to go to bed? He’ll feel sick tomorrow
How does Lady Capulet tease lord Capulet? She says he stayed up late when he was younger because he has been in a mouse hunt (a woman chaser) at that time
Lady Capulet is a very demanding mother, but what is her reaction to seeing Juliet dead in lines 19-20? She says Juliet is her life and she will die with her if she doesn’t revive
Explain what Lord Capulet means when he says “Death lies on her like an untimely frost upon the sweetest flower of all the field” He is comparing her to a beautiful flower killed by an unexpected frost
What extended metaphor does Lord Capulet use when speaking to Paris? He says death has married Juliet, so now death is his son-in-law, and death beat Paris in marrying Juliet
How are the ways that the Capulets express their grief and the nurse expressing her grief different? The Capulets are well educated so they can describe their feelings with the correct words, but the nurse is not so she keeps repeating the same words. This doesn’t mean she isn’t grieving as much as the Capulets are.
How does Friar Laurence try to comfort the Capulets? He says they took care of her well, but they couldn’t do anything to prevent this, now heaven is taking care of her. He also says that she was promoted to heaven instead of the highest social ranking by marrying Paris.
According to Lord Capulet, how has the wedding preparation turned into a funeral preparation? Everything that was supposed to be used for the wedding is now used for the funeral

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