Romeo and Juliet Act 4: Scene 4 & 5

What does it appear Lord Capulet thinks of his wife from a comment he makes about her? That she is a jealous woman.
Lord and Lady Capulet are saying words which indicate they are mourning the sudden death of their daughter. However, in their comments, what appears to concern them most about Juliet’s death? That all the happy plans they had made for the wedding will now be used for the opposite: a sad funeral.
Why do you think Shakespeare includes the dialogue between Peter and the musicians at the end of Scene 5? To lighten up the mood of the play after what has just happened.
How has Juliet’s relationship with her Nurse changed since the beginning of the play? The nurse raised her and was like a loving mother to Juliet, but by the end, Juliet saw her to be more like her real mother and Juliet did not like that.
What is comic relief? to add humor to something (in this case, a play)
What is allusion? a reference to a historical or literary figure happening or an event that is meant to enhance the meaning of the story
What is dramatic irony? when the audience has important knowledge that a main character does not have; in this scene, audience knows Juliet is alive, but her parents, nurse, and Paris do not

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