Romeo and Juliet Act 4 quiz

What are two things that Juliet said to Paris in Scene 1 that have double meanings “I’ll confess to you that I love him.””That may be, sir, when I may be a wife”
What is the double meaning in Juliet saying to Paris “I’ll confess to you that I love him? Juliet uses the vague pronoun “he”, so only she knows that it means Romeo. Paris would think that she meant the friar.
What is the double meaning when Juliet tells Paris, “That may be, sir, when I may be a wife” Paris thinks that Juliet is just unsure which day that their wedding is set to be. But, Juliet actually saying this as a response to Paris calling her his wife because she knows that she is already married and Romeo’s death is the only thing that would end their marriage.
What was the friars plan? Juliet must agree to marry Paris but on the night before the wedding she will drink a sleeping potion that will make her appear dead. When she is laid to rest in the Capulet tomb, the friar would send word to Romeo to retrieve her and wake her up and they could run off and live together.
Who saysHold. Get you gone. Be strong and prosperousIn this resolve. I’ll send a friar with speedTo Mantua with my letters to thy lord.and what does it mean The Friar.The friar says this to Juliet to give her confidence in encouragement as she will go through with his plan. While saying this, he is also confirming that he will get Romeo to come for her.
Who saysWhere I have learned me to repent the sinOf disobedient opposition…Henceforward I am ever ruled by you.and what does it mean Juliet.This is when Juliet is telling her father that she has agreed to marry Paris and she regrets ever trying to rebel against what he wanted for her. Juliet was not being honest when she said this.
Who saysThis is as ‘t should be.—Let me see the county.Ay, marry, go, I say, and fetch him hither.—Now, afore God, this reverend holy friar!Our whole city is much bound to himand what does it mean Lord Capulet.Lord Capulet says this when he is thrilled that Juliet chose to marry Paris. He also is saying that he owes something to the friar for changing Juliet’s mind
Who said this and what does it mean?” We have culled such necessariesAs are behooveful for our state tomorrow.” Juliet; we’ve figured out the best things for me to wear tomorrow at the ceremony.
What does juliet mean when she says-What if this mixture do not work at all?Shall I be married then tomorrow morning?No, no. This shall forbid it. Lie thou there. She is nervous that she may still be married to Paris is the potion does not work, but then she remembers that she has a knife and will kill herself if the potion wears off too early
stifled suffocated
shroud a long piece of cloth which a dead person is wrapped in for their burial
you have been a mouse-hunt in your time said by Lady capulet to Lord Capuletit means it was a ladies’ man
Oh, welladay, that ever I was born!—Some aqua vitae, ho!—My lord! My lady! Nurse; she is finding Juliet under the sleeping potion (but the nurse is under the impression that she is dead) and she requests some aque vitae (a distilled wine) in her distress
and this borrowed likeness of shrunk deaththou shalt continue two and fourty hoursand then awake as from a pleasant sleep the friar; this is when the friar is proposing his plan to juliet in which she will take the sleeping potion that will make her look dead so she can escape with romeo
Confusion’s cure lives notIn these confusions. Heaven and yourselfHad part in this fair maid. Now heaven hath all and all the better it is for the maid the friar; he knows that juliet is still alive but he is acting like he also thinks she is dead and he is comforting her family by assuring that she is happy in heaven
Accursed, unhappy, wretched, hateful day!Most miserable hour that e’er time sawIn lasting labor of his pilgrimage.But one, poor one, one poor and loving child,But one thing to rejoice and solace in,And cruel death hath catched it from my sight! lady capulet; she is extremely devastated that her only daughter, which was the only thing in life she enjoyed, was dead. she announces that this is the worst day of her life

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