Romeo and Juliet act 4 & 5

Compression of time Reducing a piece of literature so only its necessary elements remain.
Imagery Appeals to 5 senses
Personification Non human thing given human characteristics
Oxymoron Two words placed side by side that are opposites
Extended metaphor Comparison that goes for more than one line
Paradox Puzzling, does not make sense at first
Foreshadowing Hinting at the future
Epithet Brief phrase that points out the traits of a person or thing
Heroic couplet Couplet that is in iambic pentameter
Antithesis Two words on the same line that are opposites
Dramatic irony The audience knows something that the characters do not.
Chiasmus A pair of words are used on one line but then are flipped on the next for emphasis
Apostrophe When a character talks to or has a conversation with an in ament object.

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