Romeo and Juliet act 4

what news does Paris bring Friar Lawrence he and juliet are to be married
What is Juliet’s plan? she will kill herself if Friar Lawrence cannot help
What plan does the Friar propose Drug Juliet so she will appear dead for 42 hours, then he will send romeo to take her from the tomb
how will romeo learn of the plan Friar Lawrence will send a messenger
Where and why does Juliet say she has gone? She tells the nurse she is going to confession to ask forgiveness for not wanting to obey her father
Why is Lord Capulet happy at the end of the scene Juliet has agreed to marry Paris
What does Juliet as the nurse? to leave her alone for the night
With whom will the nurse stay? Lady capulet
Of what things does Juliet fear before taking the dram of potion? she fears walking too soon, dying, or awaking insane
who discovers Juliet’s body? the nurse
According to Capulet, whom has Juliet wed? death
According to Capulet, what will the instruments now be? Melancholy bells
What will the wedding cheer become? a burial feast
what will the solemn hymns become Sullen dirges
what will the bridal flowers become buried corse
dramatic irony is when the audience knows something that the characters in the play do not know. How is the action in scene an IV an example of dramatic irony? the audience knows Juliet is not dead
Line 15 – according to Paris, why is Capulet pushing his daughter to marry so quickly Lord Capulet thinks marriage will help Juliet get over her grief for Tybalt
Line 77 – what would Juliet’s mood be as she delivers this speech? what will she do, rather than marry Paris Juliet is agitated, desperate, and courageous. To keep from marrying Paris, she would leap from a tower, become a thief, liver with serpents, be chained among bears, live nightly in a charnel house, or be buried alive with a corpse
Line 89 – Juliet must pay strict attention to the Friar’s plan, as must the audience. On what day does the Friar tell Juliet to take the potion wednesday
Line 106 – this may now be the most implausible part of the play, but we have been prepared for it. Where have we seen the friar taking care of his herbs and heard him talk of the magical potions before? What will happen to Juliet when she takes the drug? At the beginning of Act 11, Scene 111, the friar was gathering herbs and discussing their powers – both good and bad. When Juliet takes the drug, she will go into a coma for 42 hours and appear to be dead. she will be stiff, have no color, or pulse
Line 117 – How is romeo to be told of this plan, and when is he to watch Juliet wake and take her to Mantua? Friar Lawrence will send a letter to Romeo so he can join Friar Lawrence as he waits for Juliet to awaken in the tomb. the couple will then leave Mantua.
Line 126 – What does the friar give Juliet as she exits? What exactly is his plan? The friar gives Juliet a vial of the sleeping potion she is to take Wednesday night. She will be discovered “dead” the next morning, her wedding day, and she will be placed uncovered in the capulet’s large burial vault. In the meantime, a friar will take an explanatory letter to Romeo, who will return to Verona, wait for Juliet to waken, and then take her back to Mantua
Line 1 – Capulet is sending his servant off to invite guests to Juliet’s wedding. How would this comic and busy domestic scene contrast with the previous one? The happy domestic scene promises new life. the preceding scene was filled with talk of death, conflict, and trouble
Where and why does Juliet say she has gone she tells the nurse she has gone to confession to ask forgiveness for not wanting to obey her father
Line 15 – do you think Juliet has a merry look, or is the nurse trying to cover up? Juliet may have a merry look since the friar has given her a plan to escape the wedding
Line 24 – why do you think capulet pushes the marriage up to wednesday Lord capulet is often impulsive, and he does not want Juliet to have time to change her mind
line 28 – according to this speech what has juliet been doing since she first addressed her father? She has been kneeling in a begging position. He finally tells her to stand up
Line 37 – the wedding has been changed to take place on Wednesday. Lady Capulet tries to change her husband’s mind, perhaps in consideration of Juliet. She is not successful. How will this affect the timing of the friar’s plans? The new date provides less time to alert romeo and bring him back to Verona. Juliet will be buried on Wednesday and awaken on thursday night rather than friday
why is lord capulet happy at the end of this scene Juliet has agreed to marry Paris
What does Juliet ask the nurse? she asks the nurse to leave her alone for the night
with whom will the nurse stay Lady Capulet
Line 14 – here is a fine example of the Shakespearean soliloquy, where a character is poised on the edge of action and thinks over its pros cons. what are the fears and doubts that Juliet must consider before taking the potion? Juliet is not standing still as she delivers this speech. What do you think she is doing Juliet is afraid the potion will not work. She also fears the friar has given her poison to keep from performing the second marriage. She fears waking up in the vault alone, suffocating from the foul air, an going mad. Juliet starts to drink, stops, gets a dagger and puts it beside the bed. She paces and frets
line 29 – audiences always wonder why the friar has not simply told the families of Romeo and Juliet’s secret wedding, rather than involve them in such a dangerous plan. How does Juliet explain the friar’s actions? Juliet believes the friar is a holy man who always tries to act for the best; her momentary suspicion reveals the friar may be a coward. He does not want the wrath of the families on him for performing the wedding, and he does not want to participate in bigamy
Line 1 – how does this peaceful domestic scene contrast with what has just happened? What is everyone preparing for? The capulets and their servants are busy making jokes and preparing for Juliet’s wedding to Paris. In contrast, Juliet lies in her room in a deathlike state to avoid the wedding
Line 5 – Angelica is the nurse’s name. How does Lord capulet treat her now, as opposed to how he treated her in Act 3, Scene 5? Her capulet treats the nurse with affection and courtesy. Earlier he treated he with anger and disrespect. The nurse adds to the humor by fondly making fun of her master
Who discovers Juliet’s body? the nurse
Line 1 – as the nurse speaks to Juliet and to herself, she is busy arranging clothes, opening windows, and doing things around the room. In what line here does she touch Juliet and discover she is cold? In line 14, the nurse discovers tha Juliet is “dead”
Line 49- Here again, as with Juliet’s bemoaning romeo’s supposed death in an earlier scene, we have Lord and Lady Capulet and the nurse expressing anguish when we, the audience, know that Juliet is not dead. We listen to them, but we are not moved in the way they are. What words of the capulet’s here suggest a loving concern for Juliet that seemed to be missing from earlier scenes? Which character enters the plays dumb about the whole situation? The lines that indicate Lord Capulet’s love for Juliet are 38-40 and 62-64. Lady Capulet’s love and grief are show in lines 43-48. Friar Lawrence comes in and does not tell what he knows
Line 64 – these expressions of grief are by now sounding mechanical and repetitive. Shakespeare might have written them this way to prevent grief at a false death from gaining our sympathy. How could these liens of the parents, of the nurse, and of Paris also suggest that the speakers’ feelings might not be very deep? since the lines are so exaggerated and repetitive, they may seem superficial. The capulets and Paris also concentrate on how cruel death has been the them rather than concentrating on Juliet
Line 65 – The Friar, of course, knows that Juliet is drugged, not dead. His words here suggest that there has been great confusion on stage. What consolation does he offer, and what sharp rebuke does he give the adults? He offers the consolation that Juliet is now in heaven. He rebukes the adults for their weeping and lack of faith
Line 83 – Why does the friar say that reason tells us to be merry about death? if the capulets have faith, they must conclude that Juliet is in heaven, happier than she was in her life
line 90 – does capulet express any guilt? is he still self-centered? Capulet expresses no guilt. He thinks about how all the preparations for the wedding will now be used for the funeral instead
according to capulet, whom has Juliet wed? death
according to capulet, what will the instruments now be? Melancholy bells
what will the wedding cheer become a burial feast
what will the solemn hymns become? buried corse
how is the action in scene iv an example of dramatic irony? the audience knows Juliet is not dead
Line 98 – there are the nurse’s last lines in the play. true to her character, she jokes as she leaves, thought she might do this to cover her grief. The musicians are talking about cases for their instruments. What “case” is the nurse referring to? the nurse is referring to the “case” or event of Juliet’s death.

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