Romeo and Juliet Act 4

Briefly state the Friar’s solution and plan. pretend Juliet is dead. Friar is going to have Juliet drink a potion that will make it believable that she is dead. The potion will make Juliet cold and pale and will take away most of her pulse so it will look like she is dead and it will last 42 hours.
Analyze the Friar’s motivations. Why is he willing to become involved in solving Romeo and Juliet’s marriage problems? so Juliet doesn’t commit adultery; Friar does this so that Juliet won’t have to marry Paris. He doesn’t want Juliet to commit suicide because she doesn’t want to marry Paris.
When Juliet tells Paris, “That may be, {happily met} sir, when I may be a wife,” how would Paris and the audience have interpreted her meaning differently? Paris thinks that she is talking about being a wife to him. The audience knows that Juliet is talking about being a wife to Romeo
Explain the dramatic irony in the following exchange between the Friar and Paris. Paris thinks Juliet is there for confession; Friar is giving Juliet a potion so she will look like she has died and she wont have to marry Paris
Study the imagery present in Scene i. What is notable about it? What purpose does this imagery serve? Juliet will do anything to be with Romeo; Juliet has determination
What causes Capulet to say “My heart is wondrous light?” Juliet; Capulet says this because Juliet finally agrees to marry Paris; Capulet is happy that Juliet is listening to him and obeying him
How does fate again create problems for the lovers in scene ii? Lord Capulet moves up the wedding to the next day. Juliet will have to take the potion a day earlier but Friar doesn’t know this. This is going to cause Romeo to not get the letter in time to see the plan, so he will think that Juliet has actually died.
Quote a line from Juliet’s soliloquy that foreshadows her death. “Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again”. This line foreshadows Juliet’s death. This is saying that God know when they are going to see each other and that is when they are both dead.
How do the fears Juliet discourses upon contrast with her previous attitude in the first scene? In scene iii, Juliet starts to get scared about the potion. “What if it be a poison which the Friar/ subtly hath ministered to have me dead…”
Compare Juliet’s isolation with Romeo’s. Does her self-imposed “exile” require more or less courage than his banishment? Her “exile” requires more courage than Romeo’s banishment. there are many things that could go wrong if she drinks the poison; she could not wake up or it couldn’t work at all…etc.
What kind of mood do the actions of Scene iv create? how does this contrast with the mood established in the previous scene? shocked and disturbing mood. in scene iii, there is a cheerful mood; first Juliet’s family is happy she is marrying Paris, then they find her “dead”
what purpose does the juxtaposition of scenes iii,iv, and v serve? why do you think Shakespeare arranged them as he did? comic relief; I think Shakespeare wanted to add some humor throughout scene iv, so everything wouldn’t be super sad.
In scene v, Capulet says, “Ha! let me see her. out alas! she’s cold”. How does his statement reveal how the Friar’s plan is working? Capulet doesn’t believe that Juliet is dead; Friar knew he would think this. the potion Friar gives Juliet makes her body cold and pale which makes Capulet think she is “dead”
Look back at Paris’ and Lord Capulet’s expressions of grief in Scene v. would you describe them as sincere and heartfelt, or artificial? support your answer. They show expressions of grief as sincere and heartfelt; Paris says “beguiled, divorced, wronged, spited, slain”. this shows that Paris is very angry and upset that Juliet has “died”. Capulet says “…alack, my child is dead, and with my child my joys are buried”. This shows that Capulet cannot have joy since Juliet is dead.
The last part of scene v is a dialogue between the wedding musicians, who banter back and forth about what song to play. what purpose does this scene, which seems quite out of place, serve? comic relief; serves to show humor; get a break from all of the drama that is going on.

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