Romeo and Juliet act 3 vocab

perjure (v) guilty of making a false statement under oath S: trick A:confess
minstrel (n) poet/musician S: performer, musician A: commoner
submission (n) the condition of being submissive, humble. S: compliance A: revolt
lament (v) to mourn aloud, regret strongly. S:wail A:praise
villain (n) cruely malicious person S: rascal A: hero
eloquent (adj) having a way with words S: articulate A: inarticulate
garish (adj) obtrusively bright and showy (insult) S:flashy A:elogent
herald (n) messenger S:messenger A: reciever
jocund (n) cheerful light-hearted S: jolly A: sorrowful
omit (v) exclude, forget S: disgard A: include
fickle (adj) likely to change S: vaselating A: constant
carrion (n) decaying flesh S: corpseA: alive
abhor (v) regard with contempt or disgust ****S: loathe*** A:admire
commended (v) to recommend S: praise A: scolded
chamber (n) a private room S: bedroom A: open-room

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