Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Test

The irony is thag Benvolio is known as a peacemaker. In reality, Benvolio is just as hot-headed as Mercutio and has gotten in about the same number of fights as him. At the beginning of the scene, Mercutio accuses Benvolio of being quarrelsome and hot- tempered. Discuss the irony of this.
Tybalt calls Romeo a villian, which was very offensive back then. When Romeo arrives on the scene, how does Tybalt insult him?
Romeo replies in a calm manner. He said he loved Tybalt and hinted to him that he married his cousin. He said things have changed and that Tybalt doesn’t know him very well. How does Romeo react to the insult? Explain his reaction carefully.
“O calm, dishonorable, vile submission! Alla stoccata carries it away.” Quote a line that shows Mercutio is shocked and disgusted by Romeo’s response to Tybalt’s insults.
Mercutio is fighting Tybalt. Romeo tries to break the fight and puts Mercutio’s sword down. Tybalt then puts his sword underneath Romeo’s arm and stabs Mercutio. How is Mercutio fatally wounded? Describe this in detail, step-by-step.
This pun means that by tomorrow, he will be dead. Mercutio continues to use puns even as he is dying. Explain his pun in ‘Ask for me tomorrow and you will find me agrave man.’
A.) this means he is a fool and his future is ruined. After killing Tybalt, Romeo says ‘O, I am fortune’s fool!’ A.)What does he mean? B.) Do you agree with him? Why or why not?
The explanation is accurate. Benvolio said Tybalt started it, Romeo tried to calm them down, Tybalt killed Mercutio, ran, came back, and was killed. Romeo became extremely angry and fought Tybalt leading him to his death. Benvolio explains what happened during the fight to Prince. Is his description accurate? Summarize what he told Prince?
Banishment What punishment does Prince Escalus decide upon for Romeo at the end of the scene?
She wants to be with Romeo At the beginning of the scene, Juliet wants time to move quickly. Why is she so impatient for the night to come?
A.) TybaltB.) She thinks it’s Romeo The Nurse comes in saying ‘He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead…’ a. To whom is she referring? b.What conclusion does Juliet immediately jump to?
He is at Friar Lawrence’s house, Nurse will go to his house and give juliets ring to Romeo Where is Romeo at this point and what arrangements do Juliet and the Nurse make?
He says death is better than banishment because he won’t be able to see Juliet. Friar Lawrence tells Romeo that he has not been condemned to death but to banishment. How does Romeo respond to this news? Why?
He feels like he is killing her and attempts to cut himself with a dagger The Nurse arrives at Friar Lawrence’s cell and explains how grief-stricken Juliet is. How does Romeo react to this?
He said that Romeo is acting like a girl. What is Friar Lawrence’s opinion of Romeo at this point? Do you agree with him? Why or why not?
Go to Juliet and stay the night with her. Before the sun rises, go to Mantua and I will send a man continuously to give you news. He will wait a few weeks and announce the marriage and convince the Prince to unbannish Romeo. How does Friar Lawrence console Romeo at the end of the scene – what is the plan?
He decides to marry Juliet to Paris What decision does Capulet make for Juliet in this scene?
He wants to cheer her up and make her happy compared to thinking she was too young to get married. How does his decision contradict his behavior earlier in the play?
A.) she is looking at and saying how pale he looks.B.) it’s a foreshadow because they talk about him being in his tomb and it will end up actually happening soon. After spending the night with Juliet, Romeo must leave quickly. As he climbs down the ladder, Juliet says: O God, I have an ill-divining soul/ Methinks I see thee, now thou are so low/ As one dead in the bottom of a tomb. a. What do her words mean? b. Why is this image of foreshadowing so appropriate?
She will send someone to Mantua to poison Romeo Juliet reacts by saying she won’t be okay until she sees him “dead” Lady Capulet thinks that Juliet is mourning for Tybalt. What plan does she have to take care of Romeo, and how does Juliet react?
A.) she thinks Juliet is sad that Romeo killed Tybalt.B.) Romeo causes Juliet too much anxiety Juliet speaks to her mother and refers to Romeo, saying ‘And yet no man like he doth grieve my heart.’ A.) how does her mother understand her words?B.) What does Juliet actually mean?
She refuses and says she would rather marry Romeo who her mother hates and wants dead How does Juliet react when her mother tells her that Paris will marry her in three days’ time?
He is furious. He thinks she is very ungrateful and being disrespectful. He says if she doesn’t want to go he will drag her there and doesn’t care if she dies. Describe Lord Capulet’s treatment of Juliet in this scene.
She says that Juliet should marry Paris. She decides that she will go to Friar for help. Juliet finally turns to the Nurse for help. How does the Nurse respond? What decision does Juliet come to when Nurse leaves her room?
If friar can’t help then she will doom and kill herself How do Juliet’s last words ‘If all else fail, myself have the power to die’ reflect her state of mind?
Because crime rates go up when it’s got because people get aggitated easier Why does Mercutio want to go inside when talking to Benvolio while it’s extremely hot?
He didn’t answer to his letter for a duel Why does Tybalt call Romeo a villian?
Ere What is another name for air ?
He is willing to kill Tybalt if Romeo won’t stand up and fight for being called a villian. What does Mercutio mean by taking one of tybalts nine lives?
Foreshadowing What literary device does this quote show? ” A plague on both of your houses.”
RomeoSomeone has to end the sadness Mercutio and Tybalt began This days fate on more days doth depend, this but begins the woe others must endWho said it?What does it mean?
Because he can’t pardon murder Why does the prince BANISH Romeo
Juliet She wants to be with Romeo And bring in cloudy night immediately Spread thy close curtain love performing nightWho says it?What does it mean?
Oxymorons Beautiful tyrant, wolf-ravening lamb, fiend Angelical What device is it?
Alcohol What is aquavitae?
Her ringIt means she will always love him and be loyal to him What does Juliet give to nurse to give to Romeo since she knows he is banished? What does it mean and why?
No he says Romeo should be thankful he’s not dead Does friar agree that Romeo should be sad? Explain
1.) Juliet is alive2.) Tybalt tried to kill Romeo but he did instead3.) you aren’t forced to die but instead banished Three reasons Romeo should happy
Thursday What day is Juliet supposed to marry Paris?
Morning bird What’s a lark?
Night gale What is a nightingale?
Dramatic IronyWe know he’s gonna die He looks like he’s in a tomb “Methinks I see thee, now thou art below, as one dead in the bottom of a tomb”What device is this? Explain

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