Romeo and Juliet ACT 3 scenes 1-3 quiz

Why does Tybalt approach Mercutio and want a word with one of them? (line 36) He is mad at Romeo
Mercutio tries to provoke Tybalt to fight. Why doesn’t Tybalt fight him? Mercutio hangs with Romeo, and Tybalt just wants Romeo dead
After Tybalt insults Romeo, Romeo responds. What is his reason for ignoring the insult? Romeo has a reason to love Tybalt, they are related!
What is the dramatic irony in Romeo’s lines: I do protest I never injured thee,But love thee better than thou canst devise,Till thou shalt know the reason of my love.And so, good Capulet—which name I tenderAs dearly as my own—be satisfied. Tybalt does not realize that he is related to Romeo.
Why does Romeo’s answer to Tybalt’s insult upset Mercurio? What does he think Romeo is doing? He thinks Romeo is being submissive and surrendering
What does Romeo tell Mercutio and Tybalt to try and get them to stop fighting? Put down your weapons! The prince has already banned fighting in these streets.
what does Romeo mean when he says:Alive, in triumph, and Mercurio slainAway to heaven respective lenity,And fire-eye fury be my conduct now Tybalt is alive and triumphant and Mercurio is dead. No more respect. I will now be guided by my anger
After Mercurio dies, why does Romeo kill Tybalt? Romeo said that Tybalt will not have to die alone. Tybalt says that Romeo should not die alone. They fight to the death
How does Lord Montague defend Romeo so the prince does not kill him? Romeo was Mercutio’s friend and he was killed by Tybalt. Romeo’s crime did justice
What is the princes decree, and why? He banishes Romeo from Verona because he promised severe punishment for anyone who fought. Mercy for killers tell people that it is okay to be killers
When the nurse tells Juliet about the fight, it is confusing to Juliet. What misconception does Juliet make? Why? Juliet thinks that Romeo is dead. The way the nurse described it, he is good as dead.
What is Juliet’s initial reaction to Tybalt’s death? Why? She is mad at Romeo because Tybalt is her dearest cousin
When the nurse agrees with Juliet, Juliet has a different reaction for Romeo’s killing of Tybalt. Explain The nurse thinks Romeo is a villain, but Juliet does not think that he should be punished at all
How does scene 2 end? Nurse tells Juliet to stay in her room. She will find Romeo to comfort her. Nurse goes to Friar Lawrence’s cell
What is Romeo’s reaction when he learns that he has been banished? He is upset and says that banishment is worse than death
How is Romeo impulsive in 3.3? He is treated with kindness, but he is outraged with his punishment
Friar Lawrence tells Romeo to count his blessings. What are they? He is alive, Juliet is alive, and they are in love
What is Friar Lawrence’s plan? Romeo should live with Juliet in Mantua until everyone is chill

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