Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 1

banishment exile
calamity disaster
commend praise
dexterity skill
vile wicked
What is an epithet? an adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a quality characteristic of the person or thing mentioned.
What epithets are used to refer to Tybalt?
What epithets are used to refer to Romeo?
Soliloquy the character or speaker speaks to himself
Aside a short comment by a character towards the audience for another character usually without his knowing about it
Monologue a character usually makes a speech in the presence of other characters
Theme about fate: Romeo and Juliet are “star-crossed” and fated to “take their lives as shown “From forth the fatal loins of these two foes A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life,Whose misadventured piteous overthrows Doth with their death bury their parents’ strife. . . . O, I am fortune’s fool! . . . Then I defy you, stars. (After Romeo kills Tybalt).
Theme about fortune:
What do Benvolio’s opening lines tell about his character?
Why does Benvolio fear there may be a brawl?
What analogy does Mercutio use when Tybalt accuses him of “consorting” with Romeo? “Consorting” (hanging out.)Translated: Who do you think we are, musicians in a band? If we look like musicians to you, you can expect to hear nothing but noise. (touching the blade of his sword) This is my fiddlestick. I’ll use it to make you dance.
What does “Zounds” mean? Non-translated: Zounds, “consort”!Translated: Goddammit—”Hang out!”
Why is “my man” considered an insult when Tybalt says that to Romeo?
Why won’t Romeo fight Tybalt? Romeo wont fight Tybalt because he is married to Juliet and he is her cousin so he considers him family.
What does Mercutio think the reason is that Romeo refuses to fight? Mercutio thinks that Romeo’s refusal to fight is because of cowardice, and because he is scared of Tybalt: and his submission to Tybalt is “calm, dishonourable, vile”.
Even as he is mortally wounded and carried from the stage, Mercutio continues to jest. Find several examples of his puns and wordplay.
Explain Romeo’s internal conflict. What does he say his love for Juliet has done to him?
“A plague on both your houses!” How do Mercutio’s haunting words develop fate’s role in the play? Because the inevitable fate of both Romeo and Juliet dying, in a way a plague falls on both house as they both lose children.
What is Romeo’s punishment for killing Tybalt? Romeo is banished.

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