Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Reading Notes

Name the two characters that start the scene Benvoloio and Mercutio
What is Benvolio’s attitude toward the situation? They shall not avoid the fight
Who meets them in the street ? Tybalt
Who is he looking for? Romeo
Why does Romeo refuse to fight? Because it’s Juliets cousin (and his cousin now too)
Why does Mercutio insist on fighting? Mercutio does not know why Romeo is not fighting Tybalt and thinks that if Romeo doesn’t fight, his honor is at the stake, and that Tybalt wins
Who tries to stop the fight? Romeo
Who kills whom? Tybalt kills Mercutio
How does Romeo feel about the situation? His love for Juliet has made him less manly and brave
When Tybalt returns, why does Romeo fight him now? Because Tybalt killed Mercutio
Who kills whom? ( the 2nd time) Romeo kills Tybalt
Does Benvolio give a truthful account of what happened? No
What is Lady Capulets attitude? Sad, that her nephew died, and that Romeo should be sentenced to death
What is Prince Escalus’ verdict? Romeo will be banished
Why doesn’t Romeo get the death penalty? Because one of the prince’s family memebers died, and Romeo would get the death penalty if he didn’t leave Verona
What doesn’t Julliet know right now? That Romeo killed Tybalt
Why does Juliet want the ‘cloudy night’ ? So it can hide her blushing cheeks
What is Juliet waiting for? Romeo
Who brings Juliet news? Nurse
When the nurse says,”He’s dead”, who does Juliet first think has died? Romeo
When Juliet says, “O serpent heart”, who is she reffering to? Romeo
What does this speech show about her feeling for Romeo? She loves him, but she’s just unsure of who he is now
Does she change her mind? She regrets faulting him herself
What are the “cords” Juliet is talking about? the latter
What does Juliet threaten? To kill herself
How does the Nurse console Juliet? She says she will find Romeo and bring him to her
What does Juliet have the Nurse take to Romeo? A ring, as a token of her love
Where does Act 3 scene 3 take place? Friar Lawrences cell
What is Romeo’s reaction to the news that he escaped the death penalty and will be banished instead? He tells the friar that it is worse than death. He thinks that being separated from Verona and Juliet is worse than death
How are Romeo and Juliet’s reactions similar when they hear of Romeo’s banishment? They both threaten to kill eachother
What does the Nurse tell Romeo about Juliet and her reaction to the situation?
What does the Friar say about Romeo’s reaction to the situation?
What are the three things the Friar tells Romeo to be thankful for? That Juliet’s alive, Tybalt would’ve killed Romeo if Romeo hadn’t killed Tybalt, and that Romeo should be getting the death sentence, but he’s only getting banished
What does the Friar tell Romeo to do this evening? Go to Juliets house for their wedding night
Where is Romeo to go the next day? Mantua
What does the Nurse give Romeo? The ring?
Who are the 2 characters in act 3 scene 4? Capulet and Paris
What decision is made? That Juliet is going to marry Paris in three days
Why does Juliet insist the bird singing is a nightingale and not a lark? Beacuse the nightingale sings at night and she dosen’t want Romeo to leave
What is the meaning of Romeo’s saying ” More light and light- more dark and dark our woes”? The lighter it gets, the more problems we have, because he has to leave for Mantua
Who is being the practical one in this situation? Romeo
Who comes to warn Romeo and Juliet? Nurse
When Juliet tells her mother she is not well, what is the real reason? She’s upset because Romeo had to leave because hes banished
What does her mother think? Shes mourning over Tybalts death
What does Juliet’s mother say about Romeo? He’s a villian, she is going to send someone to Mantua to kill Romeo
What news does Lady Cabulet bring to Juliet? That Juliet is going to marry Paris on Thursday
How does Juliet react to the news? She says no
What does Lord Capulet say he will do to Juliet? Disown her, ‘kick her out on the street’
Does Lady Capulet stand up for Juliet? No
Does the Nurse stand up for Juliet? Yes, she tries
What does the Nurse think Juliet should do? Marry Paris
Where does Juliet plan to go? Friar Lawrences cell
Who is the only one left to help Juliet? Friar Lawrence

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