Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Questions and Vocab

litote opposite of a hyperbole/ understatement
Who says “I pray thee, good Mercutios, let’s retireThe day is hot, the Capulet abroadAnd if we meeet, we shall not ‘cape a brawl Benvolio foreshadow a fight and trouble
Summarize the argument between Mercutio and Benvolio You’r te fighter, you have a temper, Mercutio is giving him a hard time
Is Mercutio’s long speech a monolougue or a solilquey? How can you tell? monolougue; he is speaking to Benvolio
Why do you think Tybalt approaches Mercutio and Benvolio and wants a word with one of them? He is looking for Romeo
Why doesnt Tybalt want to fight Mercutio? He has no reason to fight him
In the exchange between Mercutio and Tyblat who is the aggressor Mercutio
What does Tybalt call Romeo a villain-epithet
Summarize the conversation between Tybalt and Romeo, Why does Romeo say he love Tybalt and what is Tybalt’s response? Romeo won’t fight and loves Tyblat. Romeo says he cant say why he loves Tyblat. Tybalt says that’s not good enough.
What does Mercutio think Romeo is doing when he is speaking with Tyblat? It makes Mercuti look a fool because he thinks Romeo is backing out of a fight
Give the two examples of a litotes a scratch a scratch, and not as deep as a well nor as wide as a church
What does Romeo say that Juliets love has done to him made him girly and soft
Who does ROmeo blame his troubles on fate
How honest is Benovlio’s account of what happened in Scene 1 pretty close leaves out one small part
What reasoning foes Lady Capulet se in begging the Prince for vengence for Tybalt’s death? Why is this ironic? You made the law and you must follow through on the law; she is asking for her son-in-law’s death
What is Lord Montegue’s reasoning in his attemt to persuede the Prince not t ill Romeo He was doing what the law would have
WHat is ROmeo’s punishemnt for killing Tyblat exile
What does Juliet wish would come? Why is she so imatient for the nurse to return? night; she is waiting for the rope the nurse will bring
Is Juliet’s speecha aside, monolougue, or a soliloquey? sloiloquey
What misconception does Juliet make? she thinks Romeo is dead
WHat is Juleit’s first reaction to the nurs’e news? WHen she finds out the truth? She thinks both Romeo and Tybalt are dead; she is very mad at Romeo
What metaphors does Juliet use to describe Romeo a palae, book, and a dragon in a cave
WHat oxymorons does JUleit use o describe Romeo and why are they appropirate? she uses good vs. bad-wovles and lambs or saints and villains; she is confused
When the nurse agrees whith Juliet what is Juleit’s reaction? You cant talk about m husband that way; she figures that if Tybalt weren’t dead Romeo would be
How does scence 2 end Juleit goes to her room and the nurse leaves with the ring for ROmeo
carrion scavengers; eat dead animals
Mantua te next city t Verona were Romeo will hide out
What is Romeo’s reaction when he learns of his exile It is worse than death
How are the friar’s words characteristc of his personality? He;s opptomistic, make Romeo feel better, ad help him out
Who deos Romeo say is better off than him? WHy? rats, flies, dogs, and cats because they can be with Juliet
What are the blessings Friar Lawrence tells Romeo he should count Juliet’s alive, Tybalt’s dead, you are only being exiled
In what ways is Romeo still acting impulsively? and how are thy reminiscent of the Friar’s warning? HE threatens suicide multiple times; passion leads to disaster
Explain the Friar’s plan Romeo can be with Juliet tonight but he must leave before the chage of gaurds then he will go the Mantua to give the Friar time to work everything out
What does the nurse give to Romeo? a ring
woo date
Exlplain the irony of Lord Capulet saying “I think shw will be ruled/in all repsect by me; nay more, I doubt it not Se is already married and won’t do what he wants her to do
Why does scence 3 become more ironic when it is compared to what Lord Capulet said earlier in the play Capulet was going to have Juliets consent but know he is choosing for her
Why does Capulet say the celebration wil be simple Tybalt just died
How does Capulet’s action complicat the plot? It does not give the Frair very enough time
As Romeo is preparing to leave Juliet, wha argument does she use to convince him to stay? Why are Romeo and Juliet so concerened with signs of night and day. The bird you are hearing is the lark not the nightengale; Romeo must leave before the gaurds change
Later why does Juleit think Romeo should leave she is scared for him
What does Juliet foresee? What type of literary device is this? She sees Romeo laying in a tomb; inverted ending
inverted ending the opposite of what will happen
Why does Lady Capulet think Juliet is crying? WHat does Juliet say about Tybalt and Romeo to keep the truth from her mother? Tybalt’s death, she said she wishes she could get her hands on Tybalt’s murder
What does Lady Capulet want to give to Romeo what is Juleit’s reaction? poison; she will mix the poison
What is juleit’s response when she is told the news that she is to marry Paris? What has changed since ast 1 No way will I marry this guy; she went from obedient to becoming disobedient
What comparision does Lord Capulet make when he describes Juleit’s sadness? to a boat on the sea (body-bark[ship], sighs-winds, tears-seas)
What was her mother’s reaction to Juleit’s response? I wish you were dead
What is Juliet’s fathers response to Juleit’s response? Im going to disown you
If Juliet’s mother does not arrange to delay the marriage, what will Juliet do? What is juliet’s mother’s reaction to this? kill herself; i don’t care
What does the nurse tell Juliet advise JUliet to do? WHat is her reasoning? Marry PAris; he’s better than your first husband
How does Juliet’s attitude towards the nurse change she longer trusts her
What scheme does Juleit devise to get rid of the nurse and leave the house? going to confession
What is the climax and why? Romeo decideing to kill Tybalt; his choice destroys everything
Why do you think SHakespear choose to not bring Benvolio back into the play? he is the peace lover and peace is gone

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