Romeo and Juliet Act 3 questions

At the beginning of the scene why does Benvolio think that there will be a fight? The Capulet are out and it is very hot outside.
How does Romeo hint to his marriage with Juliet? He cherishes the name Capulet.
In what way is Romeo responsible responsible for Mercurio’s being stabbed? Romeo is responsible because he interferes in the fight giving Tybalt a chance to stab Mercutio
What is Romeo’s reaction to Mercutio’s death? Romeo is determined.
What is Romeo willing to sacrifice for Mercutio? Romeo is willing to sacrifice himself only to be fair.
What is your opinion on Benvolio after he tells the prints that Romeo is responsible for Tybalt’s death? Benvolio is honest but is not being loyal to Romeo because he is a bystander.
What does Lady Capulet request for the prince? Lady Capulet request that Romeo must die
What is the princes decision? The prints tells Romeo to leave the city of Verona. If he is to be seen he must be executed.
What does Juliet mention at least 12 times in her soliloquy? Why? She mentions night numerous times. Night is the safest time her and Romeo could meet.
Where is Romeo hiding? What seems to be Juliet’s plan, and what does she give to the nurse? Why? Romeo is hiding inFriar Lawrence cell . Juliet gives him a tolken which is a message and secondly she forgives Romeo.
What is friar Lawrence’s reaction to Romeo complaining? Fire is disappointment with Romeo because he could have been put to death. He should be grateful that the Prince not behead him.
What is Romeo’s reaction to hearing of Juliet’s unhappiness and the hatred he supposes she feels toward him? Romeo feels terrible and hates himself so much he wants to commit suicide.
For what things does the Friar say Romeo should be happy about? Juliet is alive, Tybalt would have killed you but you killed him first, prince showed mercy.
What does the Friar then tell him to do? What instructions does the Friar give Romeo? He tells him to stop complaining and go see Juliet. Say your farewells. Travel to Mantua and stay there until the marriage can be made public, the families can make peace, and the prints can agreed to Pardon Romeo for the banishment.
What is learned about Paris character? Paris is a very considerate person and understandable.
What decision does Lord Capulet make? Lord Capulet decides that he should marry her on Thursday. He thinks that the marriage will get over her grief.

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