Romeo and Juliet Act 3 and 4

when he meets benvolio and mercutio Tybalt is looking for what Romeo
How does mercutio treat tybalt he wants to fight him
why does romeo refuse to fight tybalt beaches had just married juliet who is tybalts cousin
what does mercutio fight tybalt tybalt called romeo a villain
what happens when romeo tries to stop the fight mercutio is stabbed under romeos arm
why does the prince say that he has a personal interest in the fight mercutio is one of his kinsmen
explain romeos punishment he is going to be banished from verona
Explain juliets reference to phaeton what is the literary term for this she wishes phaeton would drive the chariot into the sun so night would command see romeo, mythical allusion
list five oxymorons that juliet uses to describe romeo what does she mean beautiful tyrant, fiend angelical, dove feathered raven, wolvish ravening lamb, she means he’s wicked on the inside but handsome on the outside
What is the word that juliet fears banished
how does the nurse save romeo she snatches the dagger from him
What three reason does friar lawrence give romeo to be happy Juliet alive, he killed tybalt instead of tybalt killing him, he is only banished and not executed
What are the friars plans for romeo for him to go see juliet and leave for mantua before the watchmen outhe will stay in mantua until their marriage is announced and then beg to come back
what happens in this scene to complicate the plot paris comes to ask Capulet about his and juliets marriage and capulet sets a date for their wedding
what is to be the day of juliet and paris’ wedding thursday
what imagery do romeo and juliet use to talk about the coming of the day they were hoping the nightingale was chirping not the lark because the lark chirps in the morning and romeo didn’t want to leave
as romeo leaves what does juliet see that frightens her she sees that he’s pale and she imagines him in a tomb
what does lady capulet say she will do to get revenge for tybalts death send someone to poison romeo
list five things capulet says in anger when juliet refuses tomalley paris green sickness, fallow face, baggage, holding, good for nothing, kick her out
what advice does the nurse give juliet that she should marry paris, romeos no good to her, paris is better looking
how does juliet respond to her nurse after this she agrees when the nurse says curse my heart
what does juliet then decide to do go to friar lawrences cell and no longer trust the nurse
the friar tells paris that there is one thing he does not like about his marriage plans what is it paris doesn’t know if juliet even wants to marry him
juliet tells the friar that if he cannot help her she will do whta kill herself
explain the friars unusual plan to keep juliet from marrying paris on wednesday night juliet will drink something that will make her seem dead for 42 hours
what does juliet tell her parents she apologizes to her father and kneels to him and agrees to marry paris
How does this change things capulet changes the date of the wedding to wednesday
list three fears that juliet has before drinking the potion if it doesn’t work, if the friar is trying to kill her, if she wakes in the vault before romeo comes and suffocates
examine the personification in these scenes how do capulet and paris describe death capulet-death took juliet, death lain with thy wife, death is my son in law, death is my heir, all is deathsparis- death by thee beguiled by cruel cruel thee quite overthrown

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