Romeo and Juliet-act 3 and 4

Act 3 scene 1 -Mercutio is complaining to Benvolio about fighting for no reason-Tybalt is mad, can’t find Romeo to fight , so he fights with Mercutio-Mercutio is stabbed because Romeo tries to stop the fight but blocked Mercutio’s view allowing Tybaly to stab him (he dies)-Romeo is banished (worse than being put to death because he cant see Juliet again)
Act 3 scene 2 -Nurse tells Juliet that Tybalt is dead, but she thinks its Romeo at first-Romeos death= 1000 Tybalt dying (her cousin)-Whole family die than Romeo-She is not upset that his cousin is dead
Act 3 scene 3 -Romeo is in Friar Lawrence’s cell -He thinks being banished is worse than being killed, because he has to live without seeing her-Friar Lawrence+Nurse arrange Romeo+Juliet to meet-Friar compares Romeo to a woman (crying, baby)
Act 3 scene 4 -They rush the Paris+Juliet marriage to make people forget what happened and to make Juliet happy-She has been crying for days ( they think its about tybalt but its about romeo)
Act 3 scene 5 -Juliet wants Romeo to stay+comfort her more-Romeo has to go since he was banished-Juliet says she sees Romeo at the bottom of a tomb since he might get caught-Romeo says if he dies, she’ll die too so they can be together-When Lady Capulet talks about Romeo, Juliet tries to play along but gives a few hints that she likes him-Her dad is mean to her because she won’t marry Paris-Her mom doesn’t want to be a part of it-Nurse says it’s better to marry Paris+Juliet said “okay, i am going to go confess at Paris
Act 4 scene 1 -Juliet is with Paris+Friar and she says she loves him (Romeo) but Paris thinks she means him-Potion
Act 4 scene 2 -Capulets needs cooks for wedding, planning the party-Good cook doesn’t need to taste own food (Paris)-Juliet apologizes to her dad (Capulet), she says she will marry Paris
Act 4 scene 3 -Friar gives Juliet poison that would make her sleep for 42 hours-People will think she is dead and she is going to be buried alive -Poison could actual kill her, or not make her sleep (marry paris)-She is afraid of all that and of going crazy, seeing Tybalt and playing with bones
Act 4 scene 4 -Nurse is called Angelica by Capulet because he is in the kitchen cooking (happy)-Nurse had an affair with Capulet-Lady Capulet wants to keep an eye on him because she thinks he is cheating
Act 4 scene 5 -Friar acts like she is dead, tells people not to be sad-Musicians are asked to pray for sad, they decline-Musicians don’t do it because they don’t want to be considered lower class (they are)

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