Romeo and Juliet act 3

What is Mercutio’s Hamartia? He takes nothing seriously (He alludes to achilles’ heel)
How does Tybalt talk to Romeo? He calls him a boy
What causes Mercutio’s death? Romeo tries to break up the fight between Mercutio & Tybalt
Grave man Pun
How does Mercutio’s death change the mood of the play? It makes it darker
How does Juliet’s love affect Romeo when Mercutio is dying? Love made him soft & he didn’t want to fight
What does Romeo say after killing Tybalt? He says that he is “fortune’s fool.” (He blames fate for everything and he doesn’t take responsibility)
Benvolio’s character trait He is a flat character that is against violence. He tells the truth when Romeo kills Tybalt. He influences the prince to kick Romeo out of town (without trying to)
Phoebus & Phaeton Allusion to sun gods from Greek Mythology (Juliet talks about them when she wants the night to come)
Darkness vs. Light The darkness is a good thing and daytime is a bad thing. Juliet intertwines love with darkness. (They are happy at night, but sad in daytime
“Ay, I, and Eye” A series of puns that Juliet says while talking to the nurse.
An example of comic relief The nurse says the Tybalt was “the best friend she had, a courteous/honest gentlemen”
Dreadful Trumpet An allusion to dooms day
What does Juliet say directly after hearing about Romeo killing Tybalt? She uses a series of oxymorons. Then she talks about how he was such a good person & that it couldn’t be his fault. She later says it’s self-defense (even though nobody ever told her that)
What does Juliet say about her family following Romeo’s death? She says she would rather have the whole family be dead than have Romeo be banished
Why does the nurse go to get Romeo? To comfort Juliet
Calamity Disaster (Friar Lawrence says this to Romeo)
What does Juliet liken her wedding bed to in acts 1&3? Her death bed (foreshadowing)
An instance of hyperbole (spoken by Romeo) When he says that there is no world outside of Verona because Juliet isn’t there
Carrion flies Flies that eat dead bodies
White wonder (spoken by Romeo) He says that your skin turns white when you die. He also calls Juliet pure.
Poison & a sharp ground knife Foreshadowing (these are what Romeo and Juliet use to kill themselves)
Why does Romeo act like a girl? He doesn’t hear what he wants to hear. This later leads to his death. Friar Lawrence also tells Romeo that he can’t blame fate for his actions and he needs to take accountability
What scene starts day 3? Scene 5
Lark/nightingale Lark= a bird during the day & nightingale= a bird that comes out at night
When Juliet says “The lark makes sweet division” A pun. The bird sings, and Romeo and Juliet are divided during the day
How does Juliet avoid lying to Lady Capulet? She uses a series of verbal irony & puns
Capulet’s personality traits He is a round character (At parties he is all happy, but when you disagree with him he becomes very angry)
“I wonder at this haste, that I must wed…” Juliet is being reasonable and she wants to push the marriage back. (Situational/dramatic irony)
What do Capulet and Lady Capulet say about Juliet? They say that she should die. Capulet says he will kick her out of the house. He also says his fingers itch (he wants to smack her)
What does the nurse say to Juliet about marrying Paris & how does she react? The nurse says that she needs to marry Paris. Juliet says that the nurse is forever separated from her heart. She also says that she will go to Friar Lawrence to ask for advice (If the F. Lawrence gives her bad advice she will commit suicide)
How does Juliet’s interaction with the nurse compare to Romeo’s personality? They both only want to hear good news, so they both don’t listen. They are both very quick to act when making decisions (they don’t think about the future)

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