romeo and juliet (Act 3)

What happened in the fight scene in Scene 1(Be specific!)? Tybalt was looking for romeo to fight him but mercutio and tybalt started to fight and mercutio was killed by tybalt and romeo wanted to get revenge and romeo killed tybalt
What punishment does the Prince impose on Romeo? He has to leave his home or axial
Why is Scene 1 considered the turning point (climax) in the play? Because Tybalt killed mercutio and Romeo wanted to get revenge on him.
What promise does Lord Capulet make to Paris? Why does he make this promise? Lord Capulet told Paris to give Juliet 2 years and he would be hers
What is Juliet’s predicament and the end on Act III? How is this a complication in the plot? Her father arranged for her to get married but she already married
How does the Nurse help Juliet in this Act? She delivered messages between Romeo and Juliet
Shakespeare give Juliet dialogue filled with double meaning as she speaks to Lady Capulet after Tybalt’s death. Identify and explain the double meaning in Juliet’s dialogue. Her heart is dead because romeo is gone and she wants to get her hands on romeo but her mom thought she wanted to get her hands on him for like revenge
How does Juliet’s character change in this Act? Her husband killed her cousin Tybalt and that he know have to leave or get exiled

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