romeo and juliet act 3

why would Benvolio and Mercutio want to fight Capulets because it is hot because crime goes up when it is hot people are more short tempered
calling someone a “villian” horrible insult
why does Romeo have to love Tybalt because Tybalt is a Capulet so he is a relative of Juliet, his wife
who does Tybalt kill Mercutio
why does Mercutio announce he is hurt so that people in the audience who cannot see the stage know what’s going on
is Mercutio a Capulet or Montague neither he is related to the Princehe is friends with Montagues
who kills Tybalt Romeo to get revenge for killing Mercutio
what does Lady Capulet accuse Benvolio of she accuses him of lying about what happenedshe doesn’t believe him because he is a Montague
who were the first people on the streetwho approaches them Mercutio and BenvolioTybalt
who first mentions fighting Mercutio
what does Benvolio suggest about fighting that they go where people cannot watch
how does Romeo respond to Tybalt’s insult he says he has to love Tybalt (since he is related to Juliet, his wife) so he will ignore his insult
how does Mercutio react to Romeo’s calmness and how does Romeo respond to this Mercutio says that Romeo’s calmness to Tybalt won’t do and asks Tybalt to fight himRomeo tries to break them up
what does the Prince do about the fight he bans Romeo from Verona he says that he will show people who fight in the city no mercy
what news does the Nurse bring Juliet that someone has died
who does Juliet think died when the Nurse tells her the news she thinks Romeo died
why is Juliet confusedhow is Juliet’s confusion shown because the man she loves killed her cousinshe is talking in contradictory (opposite) terms
what does Juliet think of the news from Nurse she thinks that the banishment of Romeo is worse than the death of Tybalt
what advice does the Nurse give to Juliet she tells Juliet not to trust men
why does the Nurse change her opinion about Romeo killing Tybalt because if Romeo had not killed TybaltTybalt would have killed Romeo
who made the rope ladder and why Romeo to get to Juliet
where is Romeo hiding in Friar Lawrence’s cell
what does Juliet give to Nurse to give to Romeo a ring (wedding ring)
why does Romeo think that being banished is worse than death because he will never see Juliet again
why does Romeo tell Friar Lawrence not to tell him how to feel because he has never experienced what Romeo is
what does Friar Lawrence tell Romeo to do -stop crying-count his blessings (Juliet is still alive)-go to Mantua and live there until they get pardon from the prince so he can come back and announce their marriage
how far does Romeo have to travel to Mantua 40 miles
what happens with Capulet and Paris -Capulet give Paris blessing to marry Juliet ————-> on Thursday ——————> it would be a small wedding
what is the planning of Paris and Juliet’s marriage an example of it’s an example of dramatic irony becausewe know Romeo and Juliet are married (so does Nurse and Friar)but the others do not

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