Romeo and Juliet Act 3

Why does Benvolio say” I pray thee, good Mercutio let’s retire” ? So they wont fight a Capulet
Mercutio and Tybalt are ready to fight when Tybalt says ” well peace be with you, sir. Here comes my man” What does that mean? He wants to fight Romeo more than them
why does Romeo not fight Tybalt? Who does? Because they’re family now, and Mercutio
How is Mercutio wounded? He’s stabbed through the rib after Romeo indirectly causes an opening for Tybalt stab t
Romeo blames himself for Mercutio’s death.Why? Because he thinks that Juliet made him soft
Benvolio says, ” Romeo away, begone!” Why? because the death penalty against the families
What does Benvolio tell the prince the truth
What does Lady Capulet think about Benvolios story? that he’s lying because he’s a Montague
What does the prince do? the fines both families heavily and exiles Romeo
Why can’t Juliet wait for night to come? because she can’t wait to see Romeo to consemate their marriage
The nurse leads Juliet to believe who has died? Romeo
Then the nurse leads her to believe what two people have died? Tybalt and Romeo
What does Juliet do when she finds out that Romeo killed Tybalt ? She says bad things about Romeo but ends up saying good things
What does the nurse do? she talks bad about Romeo
Juliet says, ” oh what a beast, I was to chide him.” what does she mean? she says that ” I was wrong to badmouth him”
What one word did the nurse utter that Juliet said ” murdered ” her? Banishment
Juliet threatens to do what? suicide
The nurse says she’ll do what? says that she’ll find Romeo and bring him to her room
What does Friar Lawrence tell Romeo that the Prince’s ” Doom” is? to banish him
What does Romeo say about this ” Doom” and why? he’d rather die than never see Juliet again
Friar Lawrence tells Romeo he should feel fortunate about these situations , what are they? that the prince let him live, Juliet is alive, and he’s not dead
What does Friar Lawrence tell Romeo to do at the end of scene 3? to ” comfort” his wife and then run away to mantua
What does the nurse give Romeo from Juliet? her ring, her love for him
What does Lord Capulet promise to Paris and why? to have him married to Juliet by Wendsday, because she’s still depressed about Juliet
What does Juliet say to her mother about then ” joyful tidings” she brings ? she refuses to marry Paris, but thanks
How does Lord Capulet react to Juliet’s rejection of the marriage to Paris? he overreacts and threatens to disown her
Juliet begs her mom for help but what does she say? Do what you want, I’m done dealing with you
What advice does the nurse give Juliet? Why? To marry Paris, Because she thinks that Paris is the better man
What does Juliet vow to do at the end of scene 3? to get out of marrying paris or die

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