Romeo and Juliet – Act 3

Why does Benvolio say “I pray thee, good Mercutio, lets retire.” He is a hot head and will get in a fight with a Capulet
Mercutio and Tybalt are ready to fight when Tybalt says “Well peace be with you, sir. Here comes my man.” What does this mean? He wants to fight Romeo, not him
Why does Romeo not fight Tybalt? Who does? He is married to Juliet, and therefore part of Tybalt’s family. Mercutio fights Tybalt instead
How is Mercutio wounded? Mercutio thinks Romeo isn’t man enough to fight Tybalt so he fights him instead. Romeo tries to break up the fight but gets Mercutio wounded.
Why does Romeo blame himself for Mercutio’s death? He tried to break up the fight but ends up getting Mercutio killed
Benvolio says “Romeo, away, be gone!” Why? So he isn’t charged and killed
What does Benvolio tell the Prince? Tybalt killed Mercutio. and then Romeo killed Tybalt
What does Lady Capulet think about Romeo’s story? She thinks Tybalt was killed by 20 men, Benvolio is lying, and that Romeo should be killed
What does the Prince do? Banishes Romeo from Mantua, and fines his family
Why can’t Juliet wait for the night to come? So she can lose her virginity
The nurse leads Juliet to believe who has died? Romeo
The nurse then leads Juliet to believe what two people have died? Romeo and Tybalt
What does Juliet do when she finds out Romeo killed Tybalt? Talks badly about him with oxymorons
What does the nurse do? Talks badly about all men
Juliet says “On what a beast I was to chide him.” What does she mean? She was wrong to talk bad of him
What one word did the nurse utter that Juliet said “murdered” her? Banishment
Juliet threatens to do what? Kill herself
What doe Friar Lawrence tell Romeo the Prince’s doom is? Banishment
What does Romeo say about this and why? Death is better because he can’t be with Juliet
Friar Lawrence tells Romeo he should feel fortunate about what 3 situations? 1. He is being spared from death2. Juliet is alive3. He wasn’t killed by Tybalt
What does Friar Lawrence tell Romeo to do at the end of scene 3? Go comfort Juliet, flea to Mantua overnight, and wait for him to settle the dispute. When he comes back, the prince will have reversed his punishment and his marriage will be public.
What does the nurse give Romeo from Juliet? What does this symbolize? A ring that symbolizes that she still loves him despite the fact he is banished and killed her cousin
What does Lord Capulet promise Paris? Why? He will have Juliet marry him on Thursday because of the recent death of Tybalt (He doesn’t want to disrespect Tybalt by having the wedding too soon)
Read p.190 lines 50-58. What are Juliet and Romeo saying to one another? What literary devise is this? They both look pale; Foreshadowing
What does Juliet say to her mother about the “joyful tidings” she brings? She rejects and refuses the marriage between her and Paris
How does Lord Capulet react to her rejection? He scolds her and threatens to disown her if she doesn’t marry Paris
Juliet begs her mother for help. What does her mother say? Don’t talk to me, I’m done worrying about you
What advice does the nurse give Juliet? Why? She tells her to marry Paris because Romeo is banished and not as good
What does Juliet vow to do at the end of scene 5? Kill herself if Friar Lawrence can’t help her

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