Romeo and Juliet Act 3

Why does Benvolio want to leave the streets at the beginning of Act 3? It was hot out which meant that a fight was bound to happen with the Capulets
What reason does Romeo give to Tybalt when he refuses to fight him? He loves Tybalt’s last name but he cant tell him why
Why does Mercutio decide to fight Tybalt on Romeo’s behalf? Romeo brought shame to Mercutio, all men, and the Montagues
How is Mercutio killed? Tybalt stabs Mercutio because Romeo stepped in the middle of them to stop the fight and blocks Mercutios sight
What does grave mean in Mercutio’s line? A serious man and a burial place
What does Mercutio say to Romeo and tybalt when he is wounded? He curses both their families 4 times
Who does Romeo blame for making him too weak to fight Tybalt? Juliet
Who encourages Romeo to leave the streets and hide? Benvolio
How many men does Lady Capulet say it took to kill Tybalt? 20
Of what does lady Capulet remind the prince? That whoever starts another fight has to be put to death
When Benvolio recounts the story of the fight, what 2 important facts does he omit? 1. That mercuitio started the fight 2. benvolio told romeo to hide
What is Romeo’s punishment for killing Tybalt? banishment
Why does the Prince show mercy towards Romeo preventing him from dying? He is related to the prince and technically romeo did what the law said
To whom was the Prince related? Mercutio
What scene is the turning point of the play? Scene 1
How does shakespeare connect people to weather? Hot tempered people to hot weather
What does Mercutio say about Benvolios character that is ironic? Mercutio says that benvolio loves to start fights when really he is the peacemaker and mercutio is the fight starter
What “injuries” have been done to Tybalt? Romeo went to the Capulet party uninvited and he did not accept his challenge to a duel
What are the three reasons Benvolio gives to Romeo to run and hide after the fight? The citizens are around, tybalt is dead, and he’ll be sentenced to death
How does Juliet learn of Tybalt’s death? the nurse
How is the scene ironic? First juliet thinks shes saying romeo is dead and then she thinks both romeo and tybalt are dead
When Juliet learns of Tybalt’s death, how long has she and Romeo been married? 3 hours
What does Juliet give to the nurse to give to Romeo? a ring
What is juliets ring to romeo a symbol of? She loves him, forgives him, and doesnt blame him
In Act 2 romeo compares juliets eyes to stars. How does she now alter this comparison? She foreshadows his death by saying when romeo dies, cut him up and throw him into the sky to light the sky up
How does the Nurse express her reactions to tybalts death? She exaggerates his qualities
What does Juliet conclude about Romeo when she first learns how tybalt was killed? She uses oxymorons to explain hes a handsome man with a heart of a murderer
What information about the incident does Juliet not know? Romeo originally didnt want to fight Tybalt; Tybalt killed Mercutio; Romeo only fought Tybalt because he came back looking for him
What general conclusion does the Nurse draw about men from the incident? There is no trust, no faith, no honesty in men. They all are hyprocrites
What unfortunate event does Juliet say would be preferable to romeos exile? her mother, father, herself, and romeo all dying
After Tybalts death, where did Romeo go to hide? Friar Lawrences cell
In the friars monologue, what 3 things does the Friar say Romeo brings shame to by his action? All men, Juliet, his intelligence
In the friars monologue, what 3 things does the Friar say romeo should be happy about? Juliet still loves him, he killed tybalt before tybalt killed himself, he was not sentenced to death
What 4 things must happen before Romeo can return to Verona? go to juliet’s chamber; before dawn get out of the gate without being caught; announce the marriage, reconcile with his friends; beg pardon from the prince; and wait til friar sends a servant to welcome him back
Why does Romeo not listen to the Friars advice? the friar has not experienced what romeo was experiencing
For what 4 things does the Friar scold romeo? He acts like a woman, his beastly actions, selfishness, raging against God
How does the Friar plan to let Romeo know when it is safe to go back to Verona? he will send a servant with a letter
Why does Count Paris say he cannot “woo” juliet? Her cousin Tybalt just died
On what day of the week was paris and juliet supposed to be married? Thursday
What is Lady Capulets plan for revenge on Romeo? she will send someone to poison him
How is juliet going to sabatoge Lady Capulets plan? she will “mix” the poison and prevent him from drinking it
Who does juliet say she would rather marry than Count Paris? and what type of irony does this show? It shows verbal irony because she says romeo which is supposed to be the enemy
If juliet does not marry paris, what will happen to her? Her parents will disown her
Who tries to defend Juliet? the nurse
After Lord Capulet scolds Juliet, what request does make to her mother about the upcoming marriage to Paris? to delay the wedding by a month or a week
What advice does the Nurse give to Juliet about the marriage to paris? romeo is a dishcloth and paris is a good man
where does juliet go at the end of act 3? Friar lawrences cell
Why does the nurse believe she is going there? for confession
What is the true reason Juliet is going to lawrences cell? to see if he thinks she should marry paris
How are the lark and the nightingale used? to tell time
What four things does juliet call romeo as he prepares to leave? love, lord, friend, husband

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