Romeo and Juliet Act 3

Why has Tybalt come looking for Romeo? He wants to duel him
What does Mercutio do? He insults Tybalt and fights him
How does Romeo contribute to Mercutio’s death? He holds him back, causing him to be unable to defend himself
What is the outcome of the fight between Romeo and Tybalt? Tybalt dies
What punishment does Escalus(the Prince) give Romeo? Banishment
Why does Juliet defend Romeo’s actions? She says it was because of self defencse
At the scene 2, what does Juliet ask the nurse to do? To bring Romeo to her
What is Romeo’s reaction when Friar Laurence tells him that Escalus(the Prince) banished him? He collapses in despair
What is Friar Laurence’s plan for Romeo? Romeo will spend the night with Juliet and go to Montua
In scene 4, what does Capulet tell Paris? He can marry Juliet in 3 days
At the beginning of scene five, why do Romeo and Juliet discuss whether it is morning or not? Because Romeo has to leave, and they do not want to seperate
What is Capulet’s reaction when he finds out that Juliet refuses to marry Paris? He threatens to disown her
What does the nurse tell Juliet she should do? She advises Juliet to marry Paris because his is better than Romeo, and that Juliet’s marriage to Romeo is practically over
Why is Juliet so angry with the nurse at the end of scene five? Because the nurse advised Juliet to break her vows and she insulted Romeo
How are Juliet’s beliefs about love and marriage different from her parents’? Juliet did not believe in arranged marriages like her parents
Describe the change in Juliet’s behavior toward her parents. She’s more defiant

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