Romeo and Juliet:Act 2 Vocabulary

Enmity (n) absolute hatred
Feign (v) Pretend
Wanton (adj) Immoral, lewd
Unwieldly (adj) Clumsy; difficult to carry because of bulk or weight
Peril (noun) Danger
Repose (n,v) Rest or relaxation; to rest
Blazon (v) To announce or proclaim
Envious (adj) Feeling, expressing or characterized by envy
Predominant (adj) Most common or conspicuous
Discourse (v) To narrate, discuss, or engage in conversation
Enmity sentence(s): Ex1-Popularity brings bitter enmity and genuine criticism.Ex2- There has been decades of enmity between the two countries
Feign sentence(s): Ex1-The dogs always feign sadness when I have food.Ex2- I wish you wouldn’t feign illness on every first day of school.Ex3- If you’re feeling down, feign a quick smile to help boost your mood.
Wanton sentence: The judge sentenced the boy to community service for his wanton acts of vandalism.
Unwieldly sentence: The young boy found it difficult to hold the dog because of its huge size.
Peril sentence: Bob didn’t think how he might be in peril when he was about to bungee jump.
Repose sentence: I can finally repose with my dog when I arrive to my house.
Blazon sentence: They saw their pet company name blazoned all over the media.
Envious sentence: Billy was envious of Bob’s dog.
Predominant sentence: The dog’s fur color is predominantly white.
Discourse sentence: She could discourse at great length on the importance of dogs.

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