Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Vocab

conjure (definition) To bring forth, especially through words
conjure (quote) “The ape is dead, and I must —- him.”
discourses (quote) “Her eye —; I will answer it. “
discourses (definition) Speaks
bescreened (quote) “What man art thou that thus — in night”
bescreened (definition) hidden
peril (quote) “A lack, there lies more — in thine eyes “
peril (definition) anger or danger
emnity (quote) “And I am proof against their — “
emnity (definition) hatred
prorogued (quote) “Then death —-, wanting of thy love”
prorogued (definition) postponed or delayed
perjuries (quote) “Thou mayst prove false; at loves’ —“
perjuries (definition) lies, swearing to what is untrue
idolatry (quote) “Which is the god of my —“
idolatry (definition) giving worship to an idol
procure (quote) “By one that I’ll — to come to thee”
procure (definition) Juliet uses this word as in to obtain a messenger to send to Romeo
bondage (quote) “— is hoarse, and may not speak aloud;”
bondage (definition) Juliet refers to being trapped in her family’s house as this word
sallow (quote) “Hath washed thy — cheeks for Roseline”
sallow (definition) Of a sickly, pale-yellowish complexion
chide (quote) “I pray the, — me not”
chide (definition) (v.) to blame; scold
waverer (quote) “but come young —, come, go with me”
waverer (definition) one who changes or is unsteady
alliance (quote) “For this — may so happy prove.”
alliance (definition) A joining together for some common purpose
rancor (quote) “To turn your households — to pure love”
rancor (definition) A deep, long-held feeling of hatred or bitterness.

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