Romeo and Juliet act 2 test

What are the 3 differences of love in act 1 and act 2? -act 1 heavy, blind, harmful-act 2 light, guiding, protection
fop someone that thinks they are really cool, but really everyone makes fun of him.
malapropism a common mistake of word use
scurvy knave trouble maker
significance, dramatic term(s) and speaker:”doth not rosemary and romeo begin both with a letter?” significance: rosemary can be referenced to death and marriagedramatic term: foreshadowingspeaker: nurse
Who is Peter? The nurses assistant
speaker, significance, dramatic term(s):”More than prince of cats” Speaker: MercutioSignificance: he is talking about Tybalt..a cat lands on it’s feet (Tybalt fights, but he always wins) prissy/sassy, properly flamboyantDramatic Terms:Irony
speaker, significance, dramatic term(s):”Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast. Speaker: Friar LawrenceSignificance: warning that if Romeo and Juliet go too fast, they will stumbleDramatic Terms:foreshadowing
speaker, significance, dramatic term(s):”without his roe, like a dried herring” Speaker: MercutioDramtic Term:punSignificance:-O me-small deer (dear)-eggs
speaker, significance, dramatic term(s):”Dido a dowdy, Cleopatra a gypsy, Helen and Hero hildings and harlots, Thisbe a grey eye or so,” Speaker: MercutioD.t.: allusionSig.: Helen started Trojen war all commited suicide for love
How do Mercutio and Benvolio make fun of the nurse? 1) mercutio agrees for Peter to give the nurse her fan because her fan is prettier than her face2) Benvolio makes the cry of a sailor (A sail, a sail!) who spots another ship on the horizon because the nurse is fat and silly looking
Name two examples of how a character or characters use malaproposim Nurse: I desire some confidence with you (she meant conference)Benvolio: She will indite him to some supper (he meant invite)
speaker, significance:”Nurse, commend me to thy lady and mistress. I protest unto thee” speaker: romeosig: asking nurse to marry Juliet
What scene is the start of day 2? Scene 3
How is Friar Lawrence’s soliliquy a conceit? he is literally setting the scene by talking about what is happening, but Figuratively, he uses devices such as Personification and Transcendentalism to explain his reasonings more in depth.
How does Friar Lawrence’s soliliquy relate to transcendentalism? He uses transcendentalism when he talks about life coming out of death (the cow)
How is his soliliquy paradoxical? life has to have death
speaker, significance, dramatic term(s):”The earth, that’s nature’s mother, is her tomb.What is her burying, grave that is her womb.” speaker: friar lawrencesig.: nothing is naturally good or evildramatic terms: end rhyme, personification, and paradox
What metaphors does romeo use to describe Juliet during scene 2? He likens her appearance to light, and her eyes to stars
How is the first line of scene 2 foreshadowing/ dramatic irony?”he jests at scars that never felt a wound” Mercutio will die.
What are Juliet and Rosaline becoming? foils
How does Romeo compare Juliet and Rosaline? Romeo relates Rosaline to the moon and Juliet to the sun
speaker, significance”O romeo, romeo wherefore art thou romeo?” Speaker:JulietSig.:A name does not make up who you are
What scene does the balcony scene take place in? Scene 2
Why is Juliet blushing? She just confessed her love for him, and he heard her.
How does the bird on a leash / “kill thee much cherishing” quote foreshadow the future what theme does it relate to? It foreshadows death because Romeo and Juliet’s love kills them; relates to the theme: Too much of something can be bad.
In scene 1, what metaphors does Romeo use to describe Juliet? Romeo uses metaphors by likening Juliet to the sun and his heart
How does Mercutio make fun of Romeo? He teases him into coming out(concealment)..Mercutio is making fun of Romeo while Shakespeare is making fun of love
speaker, significance, dramatic term(s):”women may fall when there’s no strength in men” Speaker:friar lawrenceSign.:this was written during the Elizabethan era, in which she ruled over men..this is thought to be sexistDramatic term:irony
Describe Friar Lawrence’s soliliquy in detail His soliliquy is a conceit because he is literally setting the stage for what will happen, but figuratively predicting the future. He goes to the theme that plants and humans are both alike because they contain good and evil and that nothing is naturally good or evil. He foreshadows that Romeo will drink poison. He also says that when there is an equal amount of good and evil in something, the bad will over weigh it.
speaker, significance, translation:”Is Rosaline, that thou didst love so dear, So soon forsaken? Young men’s love then lies. Speaker:Friar LawrenceSignificance: Friar shows how Romeo moves on from girl to girl too quickly.Translation:Is Rosaline, that you loved so much, so quickly out of your sight? Your love is shallow.
speaker, significance, dramatic term(s):”Not in a grave, to lay one in another out to have” Speaker:Friar LawrenceSig.:he is telling romeo not to love Juliet for someone elseTerms:Foreshadowing and Dramatic Irony
speaker, significance”two may keep counsel, putting one away” Speaker:nurseSignificance:she is asking Romeo if his servant is safe to take Juliet from the balcony
How does the theme of rashness of youth apply to the act? Give examples. Young rush into things too quickly. The older take their time and think what they are doing through. For example, Romeo and Juliet were inlove for less than two days until they were married. Another example is how when the Nurse gets back from giving the message to Romeo from Juliet, Juliet demands to know what he said back as soon as possible.
speaker, significance, dramatic term(s):”These violent delights have violent ends” speaker:friar lawrencesignificance:by romeo and juliet getting married and being happy, it will end up violently and not good.terms:foreshadowingpersonificationdramatic irony
speaker, significance, dramatic term(s):”and in their triumph die, like fire and powder” speaker:friar lawrencesignif:something so intense lasts shortly til it all goes wrongterms:similieforeshadowing

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