Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 3 and 4

Analysis ad Reflection Act 2 Scene 31. What was Friar’s message about the nature of plants? Do you think his statement is true when comparing it to life or humans? Explain The Friar knows a lot of about plants and flowers for making remedies. He warns Romeo that these flowers/plants can be a blessing and deadly if not used properly. Yes, his statement is true. All people have good and bad in them. They need to keep a balance on who they are, because if the bad got out of control it could be very bad.
Analysis ad Reflection Act 2 Scene 32. Why does the Friar say, “Young men’s love then lies/Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes?” Is true of Romeo? Is this true of people in general? Are looks important to you when starting a relationship. Explain The Friar is saying that men believe love is what they see in the beauty of women, and not getting to know them and fall in love with who they are as a person. Looks are important because a physical attraction is a positive part of falling in love. However, it’s not the only thing – it brings people together, but who they are as people are what counts.
Analysis ad Reflection Act 2 Scene 33. The Friar is a voice of wisdom in Romeo and Juliet. Find two wise things that he says in this scene. The Friar is shocked by Romeo being in love with Rosaline and now so quickly with Juliet – he points out that Romeo’s eyes are dry from crying over Rosaline and yet now he is pining away for another “love.”The Friar tried to point out the difference between love and doting on a pretty woman – two very different things.
Analysis ad Reflection Act 2 Scene 34. What kind of person is Romeo revealing himself to be in his interactions with Friar Laurence? Would you want to be friends with or date him? Explain. That he’s not very smart about love. He falls in love so quickly and reacts quickly to that infatuation – it’s not really love. Romeo is showing his youth, innocence, and naivety compared to the wise, experienced, and mature Friar.
Analysis ad Reflection Act 2 Scene 35. Why does the friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? Do you agree with his decision to marry the two? Why or Why not. He thinks if they get married it could end the fight between the two families
Analysis ad Reflection Act 2 Scene 41. What information does Benvolio provide at the beginning of the scene? That Tybalt has sent a letter to the Montague house asking for a dual between him and Romeo>
Analysis ad Reflection Act 2 Scene 42. Paraphrase Romeo’s comments from lines 160-173 Romeo is telling the Nurse to tell Juliet to meet him at the Friar’s at two so they can get married. He wants the Nurse to get a rope so that he can sneak into Juliet’s room to “celebrate” their nuptials (marriage). AND this all has to be a secret!
Analysis ad Reflection Act 2 Scene 43. Do people tend to be more rebellious when they are with peers than when they’re alone? In what ways do friendships encourage or discourage rebellion? People can be fueled by their peers both negatively and positively. If someone is upset and they share that anger with a friend, the friend can add to the drama of the situation and really get you upset.

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