Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 2

Juliet is compared to the….. sun
Which is maid to the….. moon
Juliet’s eyes are asked to take the place of… stars
if the stars were to take the place of juliet’s eyes how bright would they shine next to her cheeks? The stars would be put to shame
if juliet’s eyes were in the heavens what would happen? the birds would sing because they would think it was dawn
Juliet says her enemy is really what? her foe
how does juliet know it is romeo outside of her balcony she recognizes his voice
who is most logical? juliet
how is juliet more logical? because romeo says he can fly and juliet is being realistic and says if her family sees him they will kill him
Why doesn’t juliet want romeo to swear by the moon? because the moon moves
why did juliet take “no joy in the contract tonight” because the proposal was so sudden
what does juliet say is infinite? (without bonds) generosity
What plan did juliet organize for her and romeo? she says she will send a message to him to see if he intends on getting married
as juliet leaves romeo he i saddened much like schoolboys when? they go towards school
what exact line foreshadows romeo’s death? “yet i should kill thee with much cherishing”

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