Romeo and Juliet Act 2 scene 1,2,3,4,5,&6

what important information does the Chorus tell us about Romeo’s love for Rosaline He no longer loves Rosaline, he now loves Juliet
When Romeo’s friends spy him in the orchard, what do they think he is thinking they think he’s thinking about Rosaline
what does Romeo mean when he descirbes the moon as ” envious’ Romeo means that the moon is jealous b/c juliet is more pretty than the moon
what does juliet identify as her real enemy his name is her enemy
what does juliey tell romeo will happen to him if her kinsmen find him in the orchard he will be kill
why does juliett tell romeo not to swear his love by the moon b/c the moon changes
what does friar laurence tell us about opposites that exist within one organism withhin everything there is good and evil
what language does friar laurence use in his greeting to romeo uses italian
with whom does friar laurence assume romeo has spent the night? with rosaline
what is friar laurence’s reaction to romeo’s request to be married he is getting on to him
what important difference does romeo point out between his love for rosaline and his love for juliet that rosaline didnt love him about and juliet did.
why does frair lawurence agree to marry Romeo and juliet b/c it might end hatered
do romeo’s friends know he is now in love with juliet no they think he still loves rosaline
what does the nurse charge peter with one wants a fan
what instuctions does romeo give to the nurse for juliet need to come up with a plan to get out of the house and go to church
what information does the nurse give to romeo about paris? that paris wants to marry juilet too
what is juliet anxious about as the scene opens? Juliets anxious to see what romeo said, and the nurse is late coming back
how does the nurse tease juilet upon her return nurse is complaning and stallin about the information
what are the actual arrangements for juliet marriage to romeo juilet has to meet romeo at the church
what does friar laurences warning to romeo that ‘ violent delights have biloent ends’ suggest That romeo needs to think things through and not tomuch into decisions
why does friar laurence want to ” make short work’ of marrying the two of them frair laurence doesnt romeo & juliet to do things they shouldnt before getting married

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