Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Exam

Paraphrase the Act 2 Prologue Now Romeo’s old feelings of love are gone, And a new love is going to take its place. Romeo would have died for Rosaline, But now compared to Juliet she is not pretty. Now Romeo is in love again, A mutual love falling for each other’s looks, He has to address his love to Juliet, But she was priorly committed to Paris. He is her enemy, so he won’t have permission to see herand say his words of love. She is in love with her enemy, so her opportunities to see him are limited. She cannot see him anywhere or frequently. But their love gives them motivation, and time gives them opportunities to meet, Making this extreme danger a little sweeter.
Who do Benvolio and Mercutio assume Romeo is pining for? They assume Romeo is pining for Rosaline still.
Why does Benvolio encourage Mercutio to give up his search for Romeo? Benvolio realizes that Romeo is hiding from them, and knows that he doesn’t want to be found. After seeing him in the sycamore grove, he knows that Romeo sometimes needs alone time. `
Paraphrase: Blind is his love best benefits the dark. Romeo cannot see that Rosaline doesn’t love him back, just as you cannot see in the dark of night. The night is dark just like Romeo’s moody attitude. They fit together well.
Paraphrase: If love be blind, love cannot hit the mark. Love makes you blind to reason. You cannot hit the mark, therefore you can’t be precise and make good choices under the influence of love.
Who is the sun? Why would the moon be envious of the sun? The sun is Juliet. The moon would be envious of the sun because the sun is beautiful and bright, while the moon is cold and pale. Rosaline is the moon. The moon doesn’t have its own light source, Rosaline is a shadow compared to Juliet the sun.
What does Romeo observe Juliet doing? What would he like to be? Romeo observes Juliet talking to herself on her balcony. He wishes he was a glove on her hand so that he could touch her cheek. He is truly infatuated with her.
Why is Romeo’s name an enemy for Juliet? Romeo’s name is an enemy because he is a Montague. The Montague’s are enemies to the Capulets, and Juliet is a Capulet. He is not an enemy, but his family is.
What does she suggest doing with it? Juliet suggests that Romeo gets rid of his name. She wants him to go against his father and stop being a Montague. If he doesn’t, then she will stop being a Capulet.
Why is Romeo afraid of revealing who he is? Romeo hates the fact that he is a Montague, and Juliet’s enemy. He feels like she will be mad that he is there, because of his name.
How did Romeo get into Juliet’s garden? Romeo tells Juliet that he jumped over the wall using love’s light wings (Cupid’s wings), but he really just climbed.
What danger does Romeo face? Why is he willing to face it? The kinsmen, a tall wall, and possibly death. He is willing to face these dangers in order to see Juliet, his true love.
Paraphrase: Alack, there lies more peril in thine eye/Than twenty of their swords: look thou but sweet/And I am proof against their enmity. One angry look from you is worse than death, Look at me sweetly, and I will be protected from them.
How did Romeo know where to find her garden? He was guided by love. Love was his GPS and showed him the way.
What concerns does Juliet have about herself and their relationship? a. If he makes a promise of love, he might be lying. b. He might be freaked out by how much she loves him. c. She should have been more standoffish and not so quick to fall in love. d. He hasn’t reciprocated feelings.
Why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to swear his love by the moon? There are phases of the moon. She doesn’t want his love to be inconstant and changing, just as the moon changes shapes and sizes.
Paraphrase: O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon, that monthly changes in her circled orb, Lest that thy love prove likewise variable. Don’t swear by the moon, it always changesIt is different every monthI don’t want your love to be inconstant as well.
Why is she very concerned about their sworn “contract”? She believes the contract is too sudden and crazy.
Paraphrase: I have no joy in this contract tonight. It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden. Too like the lightning which doth cease to be. Ere one can say, it lightens. This bud of love, by summer;s ripening breath, may prove a beautiful flower when next we meet. This contract is too without thought, too quick. I don’t like it. It is like the lightning, it can be dangerous, then leave (love)Our love needs time to grow, just as a flower does too.
What does Romeo want from Juliet? He wants her to promise her love for him. He wants things to be mutual.
To what does Juliet compare her love for Romeo? What does that say about her love for him? She compares her love to the depth of a sea. This shows that her love for him is very deep, strong, and endless.
What does Juliet ask Romeo to do tomorrow? He has to notify her of when they will get married. When/where.
How does Romeo feel about leaving Juliet? He gets the same feeling as going to school, sadness.
Paraphrase: Love goes toward love, as schoolboys from their books, but love from love, toward school with heavy looks. When love begins, it is happy like leaving school, But when it ends, it is sad like going to school.
Where is Romeo going to go now? He is going to see Friar Lawrence
Paraphrase: Oh Romeo speech. Romeo, Romeo, why does your name have to be Romeo?Forget about your father and change your name. If you don’t, then I will stop being a Capulet. Its only your name that is my enemy. You would still be the person I love if you weren’t a Montague, it doesn’t define you. Being a Montague doesn’t define you individually. A name means nothing! Why do names matter? A rose would still smell good if it had a different name. So if Romeo had another name, he would still be perfect. Romeo, get rid of your name and instead you can have me, a Capulet.
Paraphrase: Friar’s speech. The sun smiles as it rises, while the moon frowns as it sinks. The light makes a checkered pattern in the sky. The darkness wobbles like a drunk man. Titan the sun god drags the sun across the sky, creating day. The sun travels up the sky and is hot. The sun dries up the wet grass from the night before. Before the sun comes up, Friar has to pick poisonous weeds and precious flowers from his garden. Plants are born by the earth and also die and are buried on the earth. Earth gives birth to many kinds of children and nourishes them. Everything the earth makes has good qualities. Some have a little good, but were all different. All things in nature have great qualities and are special. There is nothing on earth that is so bad that nothing good could come from it. There is nothing so good that doesn’t turn bad if it is misused and therefore abused. Something good can become bad, and something bad can become good. It just depends on how you use it. Inside of a flower there is both poison and medicine. Good/bad.When it is smelled, you feel happy. But when you taste it, you die. There are two parts to everything in this world, good/evil. Where evil rules, death will come like a worm destroys a plant.
Definition of Pun A play on the sound and meaning of a word to provide humor.
Definition of Personification Giving human qualities to an object or animal to add interest and understanding.
Definition of Metaphor Compares two unrelated things without using like or as.
Definition of Simile Compares two unrelated things by using like or as.
Definition of Allusion An indirect reference to a person, place, thing, or idea.
Definition of Reversal Reversing the natural order of something. A word for example.
Definition of Oxymoron Two opposite words used side by side to create a deeper explanation.
Definition of Antithesis Two opposite words or ideas used in a sentence to provide a deeper meaning.
Paraphrase: Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied, and vice sometime by action dignified. Something good can be misused and turned bad, and something bad can be redeemed and therefore good again.
What is Friar Lawrence doing at the beginning of Scene 3? He is in his garden picking weeds and flowers.
Why does Lawrence think Romeo is “distempered”? Friar Lawrence believes that Romeo is distempered or troubled because he was there so early, so he must have not slept over something.
Where does Lawrence first think Romeo has been? He thought that Romeo had spent the night with Rosaline.
What is his reaction when he finds out the truth? Friar lawrence is shocked because Romeo loved Rosaline yesterday. He says that men only fall in love with looks, and that Romeo’s sorrow was a waste since he moved on so quickly.
Paraphrase: What a change is here? Is Rosaline that thou didst love so dear so soon forsaken? Young mens love then lies not truly in their hearts but their eyes. Wow! That was a quick switch to another girl. You loved Rosaline so deeply yesterday, have you already forgotten about her? Men only fall in love with looks.
What is Romeo’s request of Lawrence? Why does Lawrence agree? Romeo asks Lawrence to marry him and Juliet that day. He agrees to help them because he believes that it will help to end the feud between the two families.
According to Benvolio, what has Tybalt done? According to Benvolio, Tybalt sent a letter to the Montague’s house. His letter was sent to challenge Romeo to a duel. They would fight with their swords.
Why is Mercution concerned about Romeo? How does Mercutio describe Tybalt? Mercutio is concerned about Romeo because he believes that Romeo is already dead. Romeo is in love, thus he was shot and killed by Cupid’s arrow. With his injury from Cupid’s arrow, he doesnt stand a chance against Tybalt. Mercutio says that Tybalt is a master swordsman who is deadly precise. Tybalt is a great swordsman, and love makes Romeo weak, thus Romeo is already a dead man.
Why is Mercutio pleased after he has talked with Romeo? Since Mercutio and Benvolio found Romeo and he isn’t sulking, they figured he is back to normal and isn’t sad about Rosaline anymore. Mercutio is excited about this because now that he is back to his true self, and is no longer weakened by love, he may stand a chance against Tybalt.
What warning does the nurse give to Romeo? The nurse warns Romeo that there is another man interested in Juliet. She tells Romeo that Paris is interested in Juliet, and would gladly claim Juliet as his.
What does she tell Romeo about Paris? The nurse tells Romeo that although Paris loves Juliet, Juliet would rather see a toad than see him. She does not love Paris back.
What important information does Romeo give the nurse? Romeo tells the nurse that him and Juliet are going to get married that afternoon. They will get married at Friar Lawrence’s cell when Juliet goes to confession.
Why is Juliet upset? Juliet is upset because the nurse is three hours late to come home after meeting Romeo. It has taken hours to get her message to Romeo. Juliet can only assume the worst. She believes that maybe Romeo didnt show up becuase he doesnt love her, or something might have prevented them from meeting. She wishes that her messages of love could be sent through thoughts.
What are the nurse’s instructions for Juliet? The nurse tells Juliet to go to Friar Lawrence’s cell that afternoon for confession, and there she will get married.
Why is the Friar afraid of marrying the two youngsters? Friar Lawrence is worried that he might regret marrying Romeo and Juliet later on. He hopes that the heavens will approve of his act.
Paraphrase: These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triumph dieWhich as they kiss consume. The sweetest honey is loathsome in his own deliciousness, And in the taste confounds the appetite, Therefore love moderately, long love doth so, Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow. You both are out of balance. You have too much passion, and with too much passion comes chaos. If you have too much love in the beginning, you will get tired of eachother later on. Their passion+passion= and explosion. Honey is delicios on its own, but too much of it can make you sick. This is the same for passion. You should balance passion with time and common sense. You need to take your love slowly and pace yoursleves, dont jump into this too quickly.
What is his advice to Romeo? How is the Friar guilty of the same error? The Friar’s advice is to take things slowly with their love and wait awhile. He thinks their love needs time and common sense. He is guilty of taking things too fast because he agreed after knowing that Romeo loved Rosaline the day before. He agreed not thinking about how quickly Romeo was getting into this marriage.
Paraphrase: Then love-devouring Death do what he dare. It is enough I may but call her mine. Love blocks the fear of death for me. I dont care about death as long as we get married and she is mine.
Paraphrase: Ah, Juliet, if the measure of thy joy be heaped liked mine. Juliet, if your love was a great as mine, it would be huge. My love is as big as a heap, a large pile.
Paraphrase: My true love is grown to such excess I cannot sum up sum of half my wealth. My true love has grown so much and made me so rich, she cant even deal with her wealth anymore, he is more important.
Judging by the responses of Romeo and Juliet, are they following the Friar’s advice? Romeo and Juliet are not following the Friar’s advice. He wants them to go slow, but they are too in love with eachother to listen.

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