Romeo and Juliet Act 2 and 3

what is the prologue in Act 2 an example of? a sonnet
what is a sonnet? a 14 line poem
what are Benvolio and Mercutio trying to do at the beginning of Act 2 Scene 1? lure Romeo out of his hiding spot by talking about Rosaline
what does Romeo compare Juliet to when he sees her on her balcony in Act 2 Scene 2? sun, stars, and an angel
how does Romeo feel about his name is Act 2 Scene 2? he would change his last name if he could
how does Juliet feel when Romeo says he’s in love with her in Act 2 Scene 2? she says they’re moving too fast
how is Juliet different from Rosaline? Juliet loves Romeo back
what did Friar Lawrence see as a benefit of Juliet and Romeo marrying in Act 2 Scene 3? the end of the feud
how was Romeo’s mood when he sees Mercutio and Benvolio in Act 2 Scene 4? happy
how does Mercutio and Benevolio treating the nurse in Act 2 Scene 4? teases her and makes dirty jokes
why is Benvolio trying to go inside while out with Mercutio and Montagues in Act 3 Scene 1? he’s afraid something will happen
why does Romeo say he loves Tybalt in Act 3 Scene 1? because they are now related
why is Juliet frustrated with the nurse in the beginning of Act 2 Scene 5? nurse is stalling to tell her what Romeo said
how does Romeo trying to stop Mercutio and Tybalt’s fight in Act 3 Scene 1 not help? Mercutio gets stabbed
why does Romeo decide to fight Tyabalt in Act 3 Scene 1? to avenge Mercutio
who tells the Prince and Lady Capulet what happened to Tybalt in Act 3 Scene 1? Benvolio
how does Prince punish Romeo for killing Tybalt? banishes him
who does Juliet think is dead at first when Nurse tells her the news in Act 3 Scene 2? Romeo
Juliet describing how she hates Romeo for killing Tyablt but still loves him and is glad he wasn’t the one that died is an example of what in Act 3 Scene 2? oxymoron
where is Romeo hiding in Act 3 Scene 3 after being banished? Friar Lawrence’s cell
what does Romeo compare banishment to and why in Act 3 Scene 3? compares to death because he can’t see Juliet
what was Friar’s advice after Romeo complains about being banished in Act 3 Scene 3? Friar says he should be grateful for not being killed
what does Capulet decide to do about Juliet’s and Paris’s wedding in Act 3 Scene 4 and why? he decided to move it to 3 days (Thursday) to bring happiness after Tybalt’s death
what and how is Juliet trying to convince Romeo to stay? Juliet is saying that the nightingale is chirping and not the lark
what does Romeo mean when he says “more light and light more dark and dark our woes”? the lighter it gets the sooner he has to leave which is bad
when Romeo is climbing down from Juliet’s room in Act 3 Scene 5 what does Juliet recognize him as? a corpse in a tomb
why does lady Capulet think Juliet is crying in Act 3 Scene 5 and why is Juliet really crying? Capulet thinks Juliet is crying because of Tybalt but Juliet is crying because Romeo left
what does Capulet threaten to Juliet if she doesn’t marry Paris? threatens that she will not be apart of the family anymore
what does the nurse say about Juliet being forced to marry Paris in Act 3 Scene 5? Nurse agrees with Juliet’s parents
when Juliet says “ancient damnation! o most wicked fiend” in Act 3 scene 5 who is she talking about? nurse

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