Romeo and Juliet, Act 2

Peril Danger
Frank Honest
Conjure Summon/call
Jests Laughter or joke
Desire To want/long for
Heir One who inherits
Procure To send
Rancor Hatred
Chid Scold
Doting Obsessing
Romeo finds himself so in love with Juliet that he can not leave her. He scales a wall and enters Capulet’s garden. Meanwhile Benvolio and Mercutio look for him in vain. Act 2, scene 1
He has to find Juliet Why doesn’t Romeo go home after the party?
Benvolio and MercutioNo Who is looking for Romeo? Do they find him?
By using Rosaline How does Mercutio make fun of Romeo in this scene?
From Capulet’s garden Romeo overhears Juliet express her love for him. When he answers her, they acknowledge their love and their desire to be married. Act 2, scene 2
The sun To what does Romeo compare Juliet?
The moon What should be jealous of Juliet?
Why must Romeo be Romeo? Why must he be an enemy? What does Juliet unawaringly confesses to Romeo?
Angry How does Juliet react to finding Romeo hearing her?
With the wings of love How does Romeo claim he was able to get over the orchard walls?
Love is stronger than them Why is Romeo unafraid of Juliet’s kinsmen?
She ask if he loves her What question does Juliet pose to Romeo?
That her heart is easily won over and her love isn’t real What is Juliet afraid that Romeo might think about her?
The family feud doesn’t mean she loves him any less What does Juliet assure Romeo?
The moon is constantly changing Why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to swear his love to the moon?
Romeo and Juliet decide that they will marry tomorrow What happens at the end of the scene?
Determined to marry Juliet, Romeo hurries to Friar Lawrence. The Friar agrees to marry them, expressing the hope that the marriage may end the feud between their families Act 2, Scene 3
Sun rise What time is it when Romeo meets Friar?
Herbs What is Friar collecting?
Good can go against it’s nature while evil can acquire good worth through its actions How can good become evil and evil become good?
They can either be poison or medicinePoison-eatenMedicine-smelled What is important about Friar’s herbs?
Sleeping with Rosaline What does Friar think Romeo was doing all night?
Juliet loves him back When Friar question’s Romeo’s sudden change in love interest, what does Romeo say?
He questions whether it’s real love or only looks How does Friar react about Juliet?
Hopes it would end the feud Why does he agree to marry them?
Mercutio and Benvolio meet the newly enthusiastic Romeo in the street. Romeo defeats Mercutio in a battle of wits, THe nurse finds Romeo, and he gives her a message for Juliet: meet me at Friar Lawrence’s cell this afternoon and we will be married Act 2, scene 4
That Tybalt has requested a duel and wants to fight Romeo to the death What news does Benvolio tell Mercutio at the beginning of the scene?
He knows Tybalt will win and Romeo will lose Why doesn’t Mercutio think Romeo should answer the letter?
Tybalt is a more experienced fighter Although Mercutio is making fun of Tybalt’s dueling style, what does his speech reveal about Tybalt’s fighting abilities?
That she is fat, ugly, and a pimp What does Romeo say about the nurse?
He doesn’t want the boys to suspect anything Why does Romeo make fun of the nurse?
Balthasar will bring her a rope ladder that should be set up in Juliet’s balcony where they will sleep together after the wedding What information does Romeo give the nurse?
Juliet waits impatiently for the nurse to return. Her impatience grows when the Nurse returns but is slow to deliver Romeo’s message. Finally Juliet learns that if she wants to marry Romeo, she need only go to Friar Lawrence cell that afternoon Act 2, scene 5
3 hours, 9 to 12 How long has Juliet been waiting for the nurse to come with word from Romeo?
Juliet meets Romeo at Friar Lawrence’s cell. After expressing their mutual love, they exit with the Friar to be married Act 2, scene 6
2 that afternoon What time do they get married?
– Romeo listening to Juliet confess her love at her balcony- Friar Lawrence thinking that Juliet was with Rosaline all night- Mercutio and Benvolio believing that Romeo is still depressed about Rosaline, when really, he’s in love with Juliet now Examples of Dramatic Irony

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