Romeo and Juliet- Act 2

Based on lines 1-4, how has Benvolio’s suggestions about love come true? Romeo no longer see Rosaline as beautiful and he now loves Juliet.
What is meant by the line—”Alike bewitched by the charm of looks” (6)? Love at first sight, love based on looks
According to lines 7-2, what problems do Romeo and Juliet have? Romeo can’t openly tell her anything. She cant just meet up with him. will have problems seeing each other.
Refer to lines 8-23. How does Mercutio mock Romeo? Why do you think he is doing this? He mocks Romeo about how emotional he is about Rosalind. He is making fun of him. Romeo choose a girl instead of his best friend.
In the first line of Scene 2, Romeo, to himself, responds to Mercutio’s taunts: “He jests at scars that never felt the wound.” What does Romeo mean? Mercutio doesn’t understand love, because he has never been in love, so he can’t relate to Romeo’s feelings.
Shakespeare uses images of light and brightness to create certain feelings.Notice how Romeo uses these kinds of images when he talks to Juliet. Write three examples (include line numbers) in which Romeo compares Juliet’s beauty to something that is light. -” It is the eastern light and Juliet is the sun” (3)-“Rise up beautiful sun, and make the moon invisible.” (4)-“Two of the most beautiful stars in all the heavens beg her eyes” (15)
According to Juliet, what is her “real” enemy? Her enemy is the name ” montague”
Romeo, who has been hiding in the orchard,calls out to Juliet. Juliet speaks to him from her balcony. Why is she so worried about Romeo? They will kill Romeo if they see him. He is on Capulet property.
Juliet admits that her behavior towards Romeo is “immodest.” Explain what Juliet does and says that embarrasses her. In this time girls did not share their feelings. It wasn’t intended for Romeo to hear them.
Juliet says to Romeo that she is “not delighted by our pledges tonight.” Explain what she fears about their love. Juliet thinks their relationship is going to fast. She wants to wait.
Why will Juliet send a messenger to Romeo tomorrow? She proposed marriage. She will send him a wedding invitation.
. Juliet says, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet. / … / Romeo, doff thy name; / And for thy name, which is no part of thee, / Take all myself” (2.2.43-49). A. What does the above quotation mean? B. Is it only their names that separate Romeo and Juliet? If Romeo should change his name, do you think their problems would be solved? Explain your answer. (A)She means that even if romeos name is hated by her family she will still love him no matter what. (B) I don’t think it is only the name. The families have hatred for problems in the past. The family members of Romeo will have hatred toward Romeo for trading sides.
The Friar is collecting “deadly weeds and healing flowers.” A. What does he compare the earth to? B. What does he compare the plants to? C. Explain why the earth and plants could be described in this way.D. What is the Friar saying about the powers of natural plants and herbs? E. The Friar gives the same warning about humans. What are the two “opposed kings” that exist within man and plants? What is the Friar saying about humans? (A)”tomb” and “womb” (B)compares the plants to children (C) A place where they grow and die. goes into the Earth and comes right back out of the Earth. Spring= birth, Winter= death (D)Make medicine(heal), or can kill you (E)”Virtue and base lust” or good and evil, just like plants humans are able to help you or harm you.
What does Romeo ask of the Friar? To marry Romeo and Juliet
Friar Lawrence disapproves of Romeo’s behavior. Explain why he scolds Romeo. Friar, doesn’t approve of Juliet he likes Rosalin. He is annoyed because one day Romeo like Rosaline and just the next day he is in love with Juliet.
Though the Friar is upset, he agrees to Romeo’s request for one reason. What is that reason? He agrees because he thinks if they get married the feud will end.
What are the contents of the letter sent by Tybalt? It’s a challenge to a duel between Tybalt and Romeo.
Does Mercutio think Romeo is up for the challenge? Why or why not? No because Romeo has been depressed. Romeos a “mess”.
How and why are Mercutio and his friends rude and somewhat abusive towards the Nurse? The boys are making fun of her physical appearance. The nurse was trying to act like she was upper class and they put her back in her place. They mock her.
What two instructions does Romeo give the Nurse? 1. Go to confession 2. A rope so he can go up to Juliet’s tower
At the beginning of the scene, Juliet’s impatience leads her to conclude what about young and old people? Young people are faster than old people. Since she’s older, he acts dead.
Juliet begs the Nurse to report what Romeo said. As the Nurse rambles on and complains of her hard day, she also speaks of Romeo’s good traits. What qualities does the Nurse admire? (Refer to lines 38-44, 55-56.) -handsomest face of any man -his leg excels all mens -for a hand, a foot, and a body- through we don’t discuss them- they’re beyond compare -gentle as a lamb-above average
Friar Lawrence gives Romeo more advice. What is the Friar’s warning to Romeo? (Refer to lines 9-15.) Love moderately, little bit at a time, boundaries.

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