Romeo and Juliet Act 2

old desire Romeo’s love for Rosaline
young…heir Romeo’s new love for Juliet is eager to replace his love for Rosaline
fair beautiful woman (Rosaline)
Alike bewitched Both Romeo and Juliet are enchanted
complain address his words of love
Temp’ring…sweet easing their difficulties with great delights
dull earth lifeless body
center heart, or possibly soul (Juliet)
Line 3 breaks pattern of blank verse. Why is this break suited to emotion of the line? It shows the negative characteristics
conjure recite a spell to make Romeo appear
gossip merry old lady
When reading Mercutio’s speech, where should one pause and when to come to a stop? Starting from line 16, and 2/3 way in line 19, there should be pause, but at the end it should be a full stop.
The ape is dead Romeo, like a trained monkey, seems to be playing
consorted associated
humorous humid; moody, like a lover
medlars applelike fruits
truckle bed trundlebed, placed under a larger bed when not in use
What effect does Shakespeare achieve by breaking rhymed couplet in two scenes? It shows time period and made it feel as if it’s real life.
livery clothing
spheres orbits
Why does reading Romeo’s speech in complete sentences help grasp the meaning? It makes Romeo’s feelings towards Juliet clear
Whom does Romeo see at the window? Juliet
Wherefore…Romeo? Why are you Romeo–a Montague?
though not even if you were not
owes owns; posesses
doff remove
counsel secret thoughts
o’erperch fly over
In line 72, what is the effect of the stressed syllable words? shows the emotions Romeo has towards Juliet
proof protected, as by armor
And but unless
proroguled post-poned
adventure risk a long journey, like a sea adventurer
Fain…form eagerly would I follow convention (by acting reserved)
compliment conventional behavior
be perverse act contrary to my true feelings
fond affectionate
my havior light my behavior immodest or unserious
cunning cleverness; slyness
strange distant and cold
discovered revealed
contract bethrotal
frank generous
bounty what I have to give
substantial real
bent purpose; intention
procure get
2 speakers share the rhythm of line 151. Does Nurse’s interruption complete or break line Nurse’s interruption breaks the line.
By and by at once
strife efforts
tassel gentle male falcon
Bondage is hoarse Being bound in by my family restricts my speech
Echo In classical mythology, the nymph Echo, unable to win the love of Narcissus, wasted away in a cave until nothing remained but her voice
What plan do Romeo and Juliet make for the following day? Romeo and Juliet plan to get married the following day
physic medicine
My…foe Romeo’s plea also helps his enemy (Juliet, a Capulet)
intercession act of pleading on behalf of another
and…drift and simple in your speech
Riddling…shrift Confusing confession will get you uncertain forgiveness. Friar means that unless Romeo speaks clearly, he will not get clear and direct advice.
And…save and we are united in every way, except for (save)
brine salt water (tears)
sallow of a sickly, pale-yellowish complexion
fall be weak or inconstant
Which vital words are stressed in the last six lines of Friar’s speech? woes, changed
strength constancy; stability
doting being infatuated
badst urged
grace favor
allow give
Thy…spell your love recited words from memory with no understanding of them
waverer who changes or is unsteady
rancor hatred
stand on insist on
blind bow-boy’s butt-shaft Cupid’s blunt arrow
Prince of Cats Tybalt, or variation of it, name of cat in medieval stories of Reynard the Fox
captain of compliments master of former behavior
as you sing pricksong with attention to precision
rests…rests observes all formalities
button exact spot on opponent’s shirt
first house finest school of fencing
first and second cause reasons that would cause a gentleman to challenge another to a duel
passado!…punto reverso!…hay! lunge…backhanded stroke…home thrust
The pox…accent May the plague strike these absurd characters with their phony manners–these men who speak in weird, newfangled ways!
What does Friar think Romeo and Juliet’s love will do for Capulets and Montagues? It will end the feuds between Capulets and Montagues
lamentable distressing; sad
these pardon-me’s these men who are always saying “Pardon me” (adopting ridiculous manners)
Without…herring worn out
numbers verses of love poems
Laura Laura and other ladies mentioned are all notable figures of European love literature
slip escape
hams hips
pump shoes
when…singular the jest will outwear the shoe and will then be alone
O…singleness! O thin joke, unique for only one thing–weakness
Swits…match Drive your wit harder to beat me or else I’ll claim victory in this match of word play
sweeting kind of apple
cheveril easily stretched kid leather
natural idiot
lolling with tongue hanging out
bauble toy
the hair natural inclination
occupy the argument talk about the matter
goodly gear good stuff for joking (Romeo sees Nurse approaching)
shirt and smock man and woman
fault lack
took understood
Lady…lady line from old ballad, “Chaste Susanna”
a he
flirt-gills common girls
skainsmates criminals; cutthroats
weak unmanly
commend convey respect and best wishes
shrift confession
tackled stair rope ladder
topgallant summit
convoy conveyance
quit reward; pay you back for
Two…away Two can keep a secret if one is ignorant, or out of the way
prating babbling
fain…aboard eagerly seize Juliet for himself
had as lieve would as willingly
clout cloth
versal world universe
dog’s name R sounds like a growl
Before, and apace Go ahead of me, and quickly
low’ring darkening
Therefore…Love therefore, doves with quick wings pull the chariot of Venus, goddess of love
bandy her send her rapidly
feign act
unwieldy awkward, clumsy
give me leave excuse me; give me a moment’s rest
jaunce rough trip
stay the circumstances wait for the details
simple foolish; simple-minded
a on
Beshrew shame on
hot impatient; hot-tempered
Marry…trow Indeed, cool down
poultice remedy
coil disturbance
wanton excited
That…not! that the future does not punish us with sorrow
counterveil equal
powder gunpowder
confounds destroys
flint stone
gossamers spider webs
vanity foolish things that cannot last
As…him the same greeting to him
and…it and if you are better able to proclaim it
Conceit…ornament Understanding does not need to be dressed up in words
Romeo slips away from his friends; the vulgar Mercutio makes some indecent comments about Rosaline. What misapprehension are Mercutio and Benvolio under? What truth does the audience know? Mercutio still believes Romeo is in love with Rosaline, but Romeo is in love with Juliet now.
As the scene opens, Romeo enters and says: “He jests at scars that never felt a wound.” What does this mean? Romeo is saying that it’s easy for some one to laugh/mock at somebody else’s pain, since the mocker never endured the pain
Romeo’s first speech is among the most famous of Shakespeare’s soliloquies. What is the main idea in it? Romeo is comparing Juliet’s beauty to daylight, and lamp, showing that Juliet is so bright that she lightens up the day.
Juliet does not know that Romeo is beneath her window listening to her private thoughts. She says, “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” What does she mean? Juliet is brooding why her love, Romeo, had to be a Montague, and she had to be a Capulet.
Juliet makes a secret vow to Romeo, what is it? Juliet promises that she will always love and follow Romeo everywhere no matter what. The quote is, “Take all myself. Take all of me in exchange of you name.
Romeo, after listening to Juliet profess her love, decides to make his presence known. How does Romeo identify himself? Romeo agrees to do what she says according to the text, “I take thee word. Call me but love and I’ll be baptized.” Romeo is willing to give up his name in exchange for Juliet.
Romeo is risking his death by being at Juliet’s home. When she mentions this fact to Romeo, what is his response? Romeo says that there is more danger in Juliet’s eyes than 20 swords. He says that he is protected against the enemy
Juliet is embarrassed that Romeo has overheard how she feels about him. What is she concerned about? How did she counter this concern of hers? Juliet is saying that if Romeo thinks, that she is too fast to fall in love, then she will reject her true feelings and display the opposite
When Romeo swears by the moon, what does Juliet tell him? Juliet tells Romeo not to swear by the moon, since it keeps changing, and she does not want her love to change like the moon does, but, Romeo should swear by himself.
Juliet expresses some apprehension. What is it? Juliet is not happy of this bethrotal because it is going too fast, sudden and does not have parents’ council/blessings. Also it seems like a dream.
What decision do Romeo and Juliet make? Whose help will Romeo seek in this matter? Romeo and Juliet decide to get married, and Romeo will seek help from Friar Lawrence.
Friar assumes that Romeo is out so early because he has been up all night with Rosaline. When Friar learns that it is another girl who has captured Romeo’s heart, how does Friar respond? Friar feels that young men don’t know what love is- a shallow. It dies in their eyes and not in their hearts. It is infatuous.
How does Romeo respond to Friar’s chiding? Romeo is saying that the relationship he has with Juliet is true love since Rosaline did not love Romeo back, but Juliet did.
Why does Friar agree to help Romeo and Juliet get married? Friar believes that getting Romeo and Juliet married will help end feud between Capulets and Montagues.
Juliet sends the Nurse to speak with Romeo. What doubts and concerns does the Nurse have with Romeo? The Nurse is concerned about Juliet’s future with Romeo, she is doubting Romeo’s loyalty, so she confirms with Romeo that he will not trick or cheat Juliet or try to change her character.
What is the message that Romeo gives to the Nurse for Juliet? Romeo’s message to the Nurse is to ask Juliet to come to Friar Lawrence’s cell since he will help Romeo and Juliet get married.
Romeo tells the Nurse that his man will deliver something beyond the abbey-wall. What is Romeo’s man bringing? Romeo’s man is bringing a rope ladder.
When the Nurse finally returns, she teases Juliet by delaying her news. Juliet grows impatient, finally learning what? Juliet learns that Romeo agrees to the marriage, and Friar Lawrence will help the two get married.
The Nurse is off to fetch a rope ladder. What will this be used for? It will be used when Romeo secretly comes to Juliet’s balcony to greet her
What do the following lines from Friar Lawrence’s soliloquy mean? O great mickle is the powerful grace divine power that lies In plants, herbs, stones and their true quantitiesFor naught so worth vile that on Earth doth lineBut to the earth some special good doth gave Friar is talking about how God gives the world plants, herbs, and other things people need to survive.
In expressing his reservations about the marriage, which quotation from Friar Lawrence foreshadows future events? “So smile the heavens upon this holy act that after hours with sorrow chide us not.”

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