Romeo and Juliet ACT 2

Scene 1 .- Romeo knew Mercutio and Benvolio were there- Benvolio and Mercutio care about Romeo- Romeo wanted to avoid them and keep it secret that he is in love with Juliet- He is in mixed emotions.
Scene 2 .-Romeo could see Juliet but Juliet couldn’t- Romeo wanted to touch Juliet’s cheek- “hand” is used as a symbol- They see their name is problem ==> shows immature mind- Juliet was startled of Romeo but actually excited- Romeo will send message at 9 o’clock- Romeo and Juliet don’t really care about the family.
Scene 3 .- Romeo asks Frair Laurence to perform the wedding.- The frair agrees to marry them- The frair is in the neutral position between two families- He is knowledgeable with the herbs..
Scene 4 .- Mercutio and Benvolio is talking in street- Mercutio is worried about Romeo because Tybalt challenged Romeo to a duel- Mercutio makes fun of Tybalt and teases Romeo- Mercutio and Romeo have a joke battle- Nurse comes to Romeo and ask about the wedding plan- Nurse is angry because Mercutio made fun of her.
scene 5 .- Nurse comes to Juliet and tells about the wedding plan- Nurse makes Juliet nervous because she talks slowly since she was out of breath.
scene 6 .- Romeo and Juliet meet at Frair Laurence’s cell and marry.
What does Romeo mean in Scene 2 line 1? .Mercutio can joke about it because he has never been wounded by it..
Why does Juliet tell Romeo to “doff” his name? .- If he wasn’t Montague, there won’t be any problem between their love..
What danger does Romeo risk in entering Capulet’s orchard? .- it is high and hard to climb –> he will die if he falls- if Juliet’s kinsmen find him, he will be killed.
What else worries Juliet about what has just happened? .She worries that Romeo wants her too easily. (So quickly).
Is Juliet correct when she says that this engagement has been “too sudden”? .Yes, because…- they fall in love in first sight- the love has not been proven- their love is dangerous because of their refuting family.
Before parting, what decision do the lovers come to? .marrying each other.
In lines 23-30, what quality does Friar Laurence observe? .” a plant may heal or kill”–> person may be evil or good ; they could change(–> foreshadow).
Does Friar think a young person likes to be up early? .No–> He suspects that Romeo is worried about something or he didn’t go to bed. (because Romeo was awake early).
How does Shakespeare’s treatment of the Montagues differ from that of the Capulets? .audience knows…. -much about Romeo’s friends, but don’t know about his family- much about Juliet’s family, but don’t know about her friends and kinsmen.
Why has Tybalt sent a letter to the Montagues? .to challenge Romeo t a duel.
Why is Tybalt’s challenge bad news? .Tybalt can handle swords better than Romeo.- he is a conceited killer.
What does the Nurse want to know before she accepts any message for Juliet? .she wants to know if Romeo’s love is genuine or not.
What excuse does Juliet use for going to Friar Laurence’s cell? .going to confess her sins.
How does Romeo plan to enter Juliet’s house? .climb up using rope ladder.
tackled stair rope ladder.
What are wedding plans? .Romeo and Juliet meet and marryHave wedding night at Juliet’s house. (Nurse will give a rope ladder for Romeo to climb up.).
What common characteristic does Juliet display in line 16-17? .youth and impatience of age.
What effect does Nurse’s failure to get to the point have on Juliet? .It makes Juliet nervous..
Why does Romeo mention death in the midst of wedding preparations? .”love-devouring death”–> he is risking his life for marrying Juliet–> foreshadows that he will die because of his love for Juliet.
Does Friar Laurence intend these proverbs as a warning? .No. He weather teaches by it.He reminds Romeo to practice moderation in love..
Who challenges Romeo to a duel, and why? .Tybaltbecause Romeo showed up at the party.
What important message from Romeo does the nurse bring to Juliet? .the wedding plan ex) where to meet : Friar Laurence’s cell.
Why does Friar Laurence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet despite his reservations? .He hopes the marriage will end the refute.
What elevates the conflict and tension? .marriage and Tybalt’s challenge.
What is the theme? love conquers all
Why do Romeo and Juliet rush to get married after declaring their love? .There will be a lot of risks if they date each other normally.
What do Romeo’s soliloquy and aside reveal? .the love for Juliet.
What do you know about Romeo’s character? .- His emotions are easy to change.- He acts by his emotions(depressed –> optimism, active).
What figurative languages are used in act 2? .Juliet compares love as flower bud–> because their love just began and it is full of hope.

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