Romeo And Juliet Act 2

What does the chorus recite in the beginning of Act 2 A sonet
Who do Benvolio and Mercutio think Romeo is still inlove with at the beginning of Act 2 Rosaline
What is the message of the sonet Romeo’s love for Rosaline is dead
Benvolio says,” If Romeo hears you, he’ll be mad.” What is Mercutio hollering about that would make Romeo mad? Mercutio is saying things about Rosaline
What does Benvolio mean when he says, “Go then, for ’tis in vain to seek him here that means not to be found”? Lets go, why are we gonna look for a person who does not want to be found
At the beginning of being a “peeping Tom”, what does Romeo compare Juliet to? What does it say about her? Romeo compares her to the sun and stars meaning she is bright and radiant
Its cheesy, but what does Romeo say about Juliet’s eyes and cheeks? They are radiant, the stars are not as shiny as her cheeks and eyes
What does Juliet mean when she says, “Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo?” And look at the rest of those famous line. What is Juliet asking for? Why is Romeo a Montegue. Juliet wants him to stop being a Montegue, take off his last name.
When Romeo pops out of the trees and startles Juliet, what danger is she most concerned about? Romeo being killed
In what horribly cheesy way does Romeo say he found Juliet’s window love was his pilot
Why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to swear by the moon that he loves her? the moon changes
Juliet will send someone at what time to find out where they will be married? 9
Juliet compares Romeo to what animal? a bird
When scene 3 begins what is the Friar doing? making medicine with herbs
What are the two reasons that the friar says are the only reasons a teenage boy would be up at the crack of dawn -sickness-been awake the whole night
Romeo finally tells the friar why he’s there. When does he want to marry? today
What does the Friar criticize Romeo for? moving from Rosaline to Juliet so fast
Why does the friar finally consent to perform the marriage ceremony? it will bring the two households together
At the beginning of Scene 4, why is Mercutio upset with Romeo? Romeo bailed on Mercutio at the party
Mercutio says,” Now art thou sociable, now art thou Romeo; Now art thou what thou art by art as well as by nature.” What does he mean? Romeo is back to himself
Why does Mercutio think he has the right to make fun of the nurse? Why is he making fun of her? They are higher than her in society status
When and where will the marriage take place? when- this very afternoon (Day 2 of play)where- Friar Lawrence’s cell
What will the nurse be doing while Romeo and Juliet marry? staying behind the abbey wall
What does the nurse mean when she says, “Did you ne’er hear say, two may keep counsel, putting one away?” the only way to keep a secret is to have 1 person know
the nurse promised to be back in 1 1/2 hours but how many has it took? 3
Who does the nurse ask about mid-sentence that infuriates Juliet? where is your mother?
Why won’t the nurse answer quickly? she wants to mess with Juliet
What advice does the friar give to Romeo? go slow and steady

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