Romeo and Juliet act 2

Personification Giving human characteristics to something that isn’t alive
Animorphism To define the line of person and animal.
Irony The unexpected
What are two things humans have that animals don’t? Feelings/emotions and conscious thought
Four types of Irony Situational, Paradox, Verbal, Dramatic
Situational Irony When a situation we expect to happen does not follow our expectations
Verbal Irony When you say something we don’t expect or when you talk sarcastically.
Dramatic Irony Irony understood by audiences of the play but not the characters in the play.
Metonymy When you use a word closely associated with a thing to describe it.
Synecdoche Refers to a name of a part of a whole
Soliloquy A monologue where the character reveals their own thoughts.
Aside A reference to the audience
Hyperbole An exaggerated statement
Litotes An understatement
What did the prologue for act 2 talk about? How Romeo got over Rosaline and fell in love with the daughter of Capulet Juliet
Healthy women were beautiful because? You cant eat without wealth and healthy women looked like they could carry more kids with their hips.
“If love be blind, then love cannot hit the mark.” Refers to who? Cupid, or Eros
Eros Erotic
“What’s in a name that which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.” Means Names does not matter for love
“There lies mire peril in thine eye” Means Romeo is afraid of how people view him
Why does Romeo say all these compliments to Juliet in one night? He wants to engage in the “thing” with Juliet
“Dost thou love me? I know thou wilt say Ay and I will take thy word, yet if thou swear’st, thou may be false” Meaning She believes Romeos claims of love and does not need him to swear
Why didn’t Juliet accept Romeos swears in Scene 2 It was way to sudden
“O, she knew well thy love did read by rote, that could not spell.” Meaning You think you know what love is but really, you don’t.
“O, she knew well thy love did read by rote, that could not spell.” Literary example Personification saying that Romeos love Read
Why does Friar decide to marry Romeo and Juliet? So the two enemy house holds can untie and make peace.
The Friar said that “love is not in mens heart but there eyes.” Meaning Romeo only cared about who looks good and who liked him back
Scene 4 Tybalt tries to send a duel letter to Romeo. Why? He remembers the time Romeo crashed a Capulet party. In Act 1 Scene 5
When Mercutio hears of Tybalt challenging Romeo, Why does he think Tybalt would win? Romeo is distracted by love and Tybalt is a butcher of a silk button meaning he is a good fighter.
In Scene 4 lines 34-85. What occured Romeo finally showed his happy side and He is finally back to normal according to Mercutio
The nurse was asked to get information by Romeo on where they are getting married. Where? Friar Lawrence’s Cell
Tybalt is compared to a person in a tale called “The Prince of Cats.” What was the princes name Tybalt
Mercutio compares Romeo’s love to what poet Petarch
When is Romeo and Juliet getting married? In the Afternoon
Why does Romeo need to put a ladder on the wall to get to Juliet’s place after the wedding? So they can do the “thing”
What is a Rosemary A token of remembrance between lovers and for the dead.
What time did the nurse go to meet with Romeo 9:00
What time did the nurse comeback after meeting with Romeo 12:00 or in noon
When the nurse arrived, What were Benvolio and Mercutio’s first thoughts. Are you asking Romeo to do the “thing”
What was the planned Excuse for Juliet to leaver her place and go to Friar Lawrence’s cell? To make a confession.
When the nurse came back with the news, why didn’t she tell Juliet right away? Because the nurse wants to mess with her and its funny
Why is the nurse being annoying to Juliet a good thing? It shows they have a close relationship.
“Therefore love moderately long love doth so; too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.” Meaning Fast love and Slow love are the same because they are not in time or in beat.
What is a medlar tree A tree whose fruit looked like a vulva or anus. Often called the “open arse”
Diana is the goddess of what The moon and Virginity in Roman Mythology
Juliet serves the moon as long as she is a Virgin
Who is Echo? A mythical woman scorned by Narcissisus and died repeating his name in a cave
In the middle of the balcony scene Juliet tried to signal Romeo as a? Falcon
Romeo sees Juliet as what bird? A hawk
Pun A play of words that have many meanings
Foreshadow When a author hints an outcome
Paradox A seemingly false statement that is true
Oxymoron Two words that contradict eachother
Allusion A reference to something
Alliteration A sentence that uses words that begin with the same letter

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