Romeo and Juliet Act 2

What problem does the prologue summarize Romeo and Juliet’s love
What is the setting for this scene (scene 1) Outside Juliet’s home
What does conjure mean to summon a spirit
Why has Romeo left his friends? Where do they assume he is He left his friends to go find Juliet. His friends think he is with Rosaline
Explain “he jests at scars that never felt a sound” they are teasing him about Rosaline but he doesn’t care about her anymore
What image does Romeo use to describe Juliet light
What do Juliet’s first words mean? (O Romeo, Romeo?Wherefore art thou Romeo) she wonders where romeo is
Paraphrase Juliet’s speech that Romeo hears. She wants Romeo to give up his name, and she’ll no longer be a Capulet. A name means nothing. She will give all of her to him when removes his name.
Would Juliet have been so bold if she knew Romeo was there No
Why is Juliet concerned that Romeo is outside her garden because Romeo might get killed if he is found
What is perjury lying under oath
Why does Juliet not want Romeo to swear he loves her? Especially by the moon Juliet does not want Romeo to swear his love to her because it is going to change. She doesn’t want him to swear under the moon because the moon changes
What is another play where Shakespeare has his characters speak against swearing Julius Caesar
What request does Juliet make of Romeo to know if his purpose is marriage
Define adieu Goodbye for a short period of time
What must Romeo have arranged by the next day? the place and time of the wedding
Who says “parting is such sweet sorrow” Juliet
Where does Romeo go after leaving Juliet to find Friar Lawrence
What is Friar Lawrence doing at this time collecting herbs and flowers
Why is Friar Lawrence surprised to see Romeo Because he came to see Friar early in the morning
Where does Friar Lawrence suppose Romeo has been with Rosaline
Why does Friar Lawrence consider Romeo to be fickle Because Romeo loved Rosaline one day and Juliet the next
Why does Friar Lawrence agree to consider Romeo’s request because he think it will stop the fighting between the two families
What happens in this scene that purports of danger Tybalt has challenged Romeo to a fight
Do Mercuito and Benvolio consider Tybalt a worthy foe yes because Tybalt is the prince of cats
Who serves as the romantic go-between the nurse
Who makes fun of the nurse Mercutio
Who is a gentleman that loves to hear himself talk Mercutio
Does the nurse enjoy the young men teasing her yes
What plans does Romeo relate to the nurse says that he will marry Juliet that afternoon and he will send a ladder to Juliet
Does the nurse accept Romeo’s money yes
What does “two may keep counsel, putting one away” that people can’t keep secrets
Why has Juliet become worried about the nurse the nurse takes three hours to do something that should have taken 30 minutes
who is peter the nurse’s servant
How does the nurse toy with Juliet the nurse tells Juliet that she has a headache, backache, and that she shouldn’t marry Romeo
What further role will the Nurse play in this quest and why is it important she has to put the rope out the window so Romeo can climb up and sleep with Juliet to make their marriage official
Cite lines that suggest trouble for the future “so smile the heaves upon this holy act that after hours with sorrow chide us not”
What advice does Friar Lawrence give the young couple He says ‘Love Moderately’
What happens at the end of this scene they get married

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