Romeo and Juliet act 2

What is the main point of juliet’s ” whats in a name ?” speech ? Names are meaningless
What does Romeo mean when he compares Juliet to a “winged messenger of heaven”? She is like an angel
What does romeo mean when he says he wishes he were a glove? So he could touch her soft face
What does Romeo want to swear his love by? How does Juliet feel about this ? He swears by the moon . Juliet doesn’t like this swear bc the moon is always changing .
What do Romeo and Juliet plan to do ? They plan to get married , to meet the next morning , friar Lawrence marry them , Juliet go to the profession , Romeo send friar Lawrence with rope ladder so after married they can sleep with each other .
Who agrees with this plan ? Friar Lawrence bc he hopes it will resolve the family feud .
What relationship does friar Lawrence see between people and plants ? He sees that some flowers are poisoned and some are good like people. ( teacher notes – earth is full of death or life , people can turn good or bad .)
Describe mercutio? And whom does he make fun of ? A cruel , strict, sarcastic/ he makes fun of the nurse .
Where does Romeo go after the caplet ball ? Over the wall into the capuket orcharched
Who does he see on the balcony? To what does he compare her ? Juliet/ sun- life
What is Juliet saying about Romeos name ? What flower does she reference when talking about this ? Who or what does she say her enemy ? She is saying that the name is meaningless / the flower is a rose by saying ” smells as sweet as a rose / the enemy is the two hated names between families.
Why is friar Lawrence surprised to hear that Romeo is in love with another? He was so depressed about rosaline a day ago.
What letter is delivered to the montage house ? Try alt challenge Romeo to a duel
When the nurse goes to see Romeo for Juliet , how is she treated by mercutio and benvolio ? Tease her , rude , degraded
What does the nurse want from Romeo ? Not to take advantage of Juliet / true love
What similar roles do the friar and nurse have ? Both want the best for all
Why are Romeo and Juliet in such a hurry to be married ? Don’t want to be caught , + Paris wants to marry Juliet
What is meant by this statement ,” parting is such sweet sorrow .”? Their sorrowful parting is also sweet bc makes them think of the next time they see each other
Why does friar doubt love for Juliet ? Got over love too quick
Quote: “O,that I were a glove upon that hand ,/ a that I might touch that cheek!” Romeo
Quote:” O Romeo , Romeo ! Wherefore art thou Romeo ? Juliet
Quote:” what in a name ? That which we call a rose / By any other word would smell as sweet.” Juliet
Quote: My ears have not yet drunk a hundred words/ of thy tongues uttering ,yet I know the sound.” Juliet
Quote:” with love’s light wings did I o’erperch these walls ;/ for stony limits cannot hold love out. Romeo
Quote: ” three words , dear Romeo , and goodnight indeed…/ thy purpose marriage , send me word Tomorrow….” Juliet
Quote: ” I have no joy of this contract tonight./ it is too rash , too unadvis’d , too sudden …” Juliet
Quote: ” therefore thy earliness doth me assure / thou art unprous’d with some distemp’rature / or if not so,then here I hit it right/ our Romeo hath not been in bed tonight.” Friar Lawrence
Quote:” bid her devise / some means to come to shrift this afternoon :/ and there she shall at friar Lawrence cell/ be shriv’d and married …” Romeo
Quote:” well , you have made a simple choice ; you know not/ how to choose a man . Romeo ? No, not be . Though his face be better than any mans ….” Nurse
Quote:” young men’s love than lies / not truly in theirhearts, but in their eyes.” Friar Lawrence
Quote:” but soft ! What light through yonder window break !” Romeo
Lit. ” wisely and slowly . They stumble that run fast .” Forshadowing
Lit.” by love , that first did prompt me to inquire./ he lent me counsel, and I lent him eyes. “ Personification
Lit.” it is the east , and Juliet is the sun!” Metaphor
Lit.”O single-sol’d jest, soly singular for the singleless.” Aliteration
Lit.” parting is such sweet sorrow.” Oxymoron
Lit.” love goes toward love as schoolboys from their books;/ but love from love , toward school with heavy looks.” Simile
Lit.” arise , fair sun , and kill the envious moon,/ who is already sick and pale with grief ,” Personification
Lit. ” ….. At lovers per juries,/ they say Jove laughs .” Allusion
Lit.” if love be blind , love cannot hit the mark .” Personification
Lit. “Bondage is hoarse and may not speak aloud,/ else would I tear the cave where echo lies,” Allusion
Lit.” within the infant rind of this weak flower ,/ poison hath residence and meicine power;/ for this, being smelt , with that part cheers each part;/ being tasted , stays all senses with the heart.” Foreshadowing

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