romeo and juliet act 2

Capulet’s orchard Where does Romeo go to get away from Benvolio and Mercutio?
its cold and Romeo doesn’t want to be found What two reasons do Bevolio and Mercutio give for leaving Romeo and going home?
Romeo Who overhears Juliet speaking aloud her loving thoughts about Romeo?
the moon is inconsistent Why does Juliet say she does not want Romeo to swear his love by the moon?
change them because they don’t mean anything What does Juliet say that Romeo should do with his name “Montague,” or that she should do with hers “Capulet”?
if he gives up his name, she will give herself to him What eventually causes Romeo to speak after Juliet comes out on the balcony?
it’s too sudden, too rash, too like the lightning; also says that if he thinks she is being too “easy,” she will frown at him and play “hard to get” Juliet is trying to be level-headed about their love and doubts that it is real because it is too rash, too sudden. Quote the lines that prove this.
get married Romeo disagrees with Juliet about their love and even goes as far as wanting to do what?
she’ll send to him at 9:00 and he will let the messenger know plans for their wedding that will take place that day Explain step-by-step their plans for the next day.
herbs and plants The introductory lines of this scene tell us about Friar Laurence. What is his specialty, besides being a priest?
medicines and poisons What use does Friar Laurence have for the herbs, plants, and stones he gathers in his basket?
to get him to marry him and Juliet Why does Romeo go to see Friar Laurence?
he just got over Rosaline; he just met Juliet Friar Laurence is not quite sure about Romeo’s love for Juliet. Why?
if you rush into things there could be problems (foreshadowing) What does Friar Laurence mean, “They stumble that run fast”?
bury their rancor with pure love Friar Laurence agrees to marry the two, thinking that it will do what for their two households?
Tybalt is a great fighter and Romeo is too lovesick to fight Why is Mercutio worried about the challenge that Tybalt has issued?
nurse Who comes looking for Romeo?
that he still loves her and his intentions are honorable What message does Romeo give to the Nurse at first?
Friar Laurence’s cell the nurse is supposed to tell Juliet to come where?
afternoon the nurse is supposed to tell Juliet to come there at what time?
to get married the nurse is supposed to Juliet to come there why?
rope ladder How does Romeo plan to enter Juliet’s house on their wedding night?
Paris The Nurse warns Romeo that who might be a problem for him?
3 hours Juliet has been waiting impatiently for how long for the Nurse to return with a message for her?
by delaying the answer from Romeo When she does return, how does the Nurse tease Juliet?
Friar’s cell Juliet arrives where?
church Romeo is waiting there for them to go where?
Friar Laurence Who marries them?

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