Romeo and Juliet (act 2)

They’re making fun of Romeo When Romeo is avoiding his friends in the orchard how do they attempt to get him to come out of hiding
Romeo no longer likes Rosaline Why I’d it ironic that Mercutio teases Romeo about Rosaline
Romeo compares Juliet’s beauty to the sun, and the moon is jealous she’s so pretty In the balcony scene, explain the metaphor Romeo uses to describe Juliet
If Romeo changes his name One of the solution to the problem of Romeo and Juliet being from feuding families was
Juliet likes Romeo and she’d like him no matter what his name is, if he would change his name she could be his Explain the passage that begins with “what’s in a name?”
Morning is smiling, and NIght is frowning Examples of personification
Foreshadowing Why should shakespeare bother to describe the friars special talent with herbs
Romeo spent a lot of time being sad over Rosaline, and now all the sudden he “loves” Juliet Friar Lawrence’s concerns about Romeos change of heart
Romeo just met Juliet and he thinks he loves her, but he was just in love with Rosaline Why doesn’t the Friar trust Romeo’s change in heart
He thinks the star cross lovers getting married might end the feud Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet
Tybalt challenged him to a duel for his life What challenge has been made by letter to Romeo
No one gave Romeo the letter about the duel What important message did Romeo never recieve
He tells Nurse where Juliet should meet him, what time, and what the lan is What message does Romeo give the Nurse for juliet

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